Luo Cheng fire strikes defend the national joint famous Treasury 6-3 Likhucheng people

On June 1st, Beijing time, Los Angeles Daochi was sent to the new opponent Philadelphia at home. This is the confrontation between the national alliance, two sides want to strive to win the series and continue to occupy a good location. Dodge first pitched Wang Tian Jian Tai continued to show a good condition, 6.0 bureaus only lost 2 points, plus the first stick to the fourth rod, and attacked 6 points, and finally helped the Dodge to win.

[Data Highlight]

Dodgery, Mangxi two points, 3 players, 2 points, got 2 points, ran back 2 points, Hig 2 points, Peterson and Ernand, Yangchun.

[Competition process]

Qiang Tian Jian Tai continued its good
pitching state, first, second, and third games all completed three three three times, and sent 5 three vibrations. Philadelphors have not yet hit anything.

In the third bureau, Dodge took the lead in score, Peter Sen’s first rod hit the hit of a hitting; Mangsi immediately slammed the 12th project of the season, this right of the flipball flying the game of 2-0 lead. Beilinjan also attacked the base, but then the pirate was caught out of the bureau, and the Board https://www.maillotsenligne.comended with Vigo’s rolls.

In the fourth place, Yuta Jialupo was knocked out on the first place, but it was a spring gun, and McCacho’s home run help Philadelrians to pull back 1 point, 2-1, this is McCachen Top 10 of the season.

In the upper half of the fifth game, Rym Co The first is to be sent out by the three vibration. After the Ernan Des hit the ball, Williams rushed to the game, but pushed the second base runner, and then rounded to the pitcher, Arry Ai Tita tapped out a flat-free ball from three basers, teammates returned to home score, score equalization, 2-2.

In the second half of the fifth, Peterson first hit, knocked out a 445-foot deep high-flying ball, the ball flew out of the right field to form a home run, Dodge once again returned, 3-2; Mangxi Based, Signs knock out the home running of the same position in Peterson, two-point guns have got 3 points, 5-2.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Qiang Jialao once again completed three three.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Aribeta was resended, and the 5.0 bureau was settled in 5.0, lost 5 points. When the turn of the Taoist pitcher was hit, Fritz made a debut, Yuta Jian is too complete today’s pitching, 6.0 bureaus is played 2 支 打 失 2 2 2 points, send 6 three-vibration, get high-quality first and winning candidate.

In the second half of the seventh game, from the first Ren’s Stregus to the truth, returning to the cowshed, he didn’t have the best in the previous game, but today’s pool is very stable. Although the four-bad balls were pretended to be the first player, but they did not release the placement and successfully resolve this Council.

In the second half of the eighth game, Ernand is bombarded, and the Dodge has expanded its advantage, 6-2.

In the first half of the ninth game, Froclo debut, two people go out, Jin Jierian, send back Huoskins, still in the chasing, 6-3; Terminator Jensen debts to solve the last player, final Taoism The game is victory.

[Two sides starting]

Philadelphia Philadelphia

Andrew – McCachen Chinese and foreign wilder

2. Joan – Seula guerrilla

3. Bryce – Harper Right Outer Wild Hand

4. Lis – Hoskins

5.jt-Rymo Catcher

6. Sasal – Ernandez two base

7. Scott – Golden Jieri

8. Nick-Williams left outer wilder

9. Jack – Arieta pitcher

Los Angeles Dodge Team

1. Jock-Peterson’s left country

2. Mados Mangxi

3. Cordi – Sigse guerrilla

4. Cody – Beilinjie right wilder

5. Matt – Betty

6. Alex Vvour

7. Enrique – Ernandez two base

8. Will-Smith Catcher

9. Premaren Jintan Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The next game Daohe went to the ace pitcher, Khaden, 5 wins this season, 5 wins and 0 losses 3.46 self-blame rate; in all teams in the National Union, Philadelphie is the only ball that faces Kos Shensheng. Team, 5 wins and 3 losses, but another data that is unfavorable to Philadelphia is that the team’s core bearer Harper’s career faces Kak 4 only 2, and there is only 13 three-vibration, the hits only .111. The first firing of Philadelphians is Zaq, Eflin, 5 wins and 5 losses 3.02 self-blame rate. Since May 11th, after the end of the game, Eflin passed only three times. 0 wins and 2 losses 4.91 poor performance.

However, the latest news is that Everlin temporarily enters the injury list, from the top of Cole, 2 wins this season, 1 loss of 5.60 self-blade, facing the National Lian Dao Dao, must have the strongest state May get victory.