MLB-Batman Leading Groups View World Competition Red Socks Deserve hit the face Transformers Male Star

On October 29, Beijing time, the MLB World Competition finally came to an end, Boston’s red socks eventually defeated Los
Angeles Daoqi with 5-1, with a winner of 4-1 5 years to win the World Competition.

“Batman” this – Aflek, “Transformers” male protagonist Matt – Dammon and Dragons, Mistan Jimmy-Campo Moore group to watch the world contest, red socks two bases Brook-Holt is even more hit Face Hamat – Demng, JD-Martinez Offending Manufacturing Explored Pun Self-shaking head, good to kill Ernando high-speed ball to complete self-salvation, Dodge Walker Machado Fur Ball and gloves are dissatisfied .

Pierce bombards two-point gun preserved first Fritz and then returned to Jingyang Spring Cannon

Cordon Khawch was in the first bureau, and the first game was debut. First, two balls took two balls to kill Muqi-Bates, but they were knocked out to be hit by Andrew Benetine. And then Steve Pierce bombarded two points to 0-2. Pierce rushed back to the home base through the liner, and the head was taken back in the red hose seating.

Ka Xiao passed the ground to block JD-Martinens and San Zhenzido Bogagz out successfully stopped bleeding, foreign media broke the newspaper to cast a ball in the United States to earn at least $ 8,000. David Ples served as a pitcher in the first half of the first half, and it was David-Fritz back to the Spring Cannon, the red socks were forced to 1-2, and the four bad balls were allowed to send Jaster Turner boarded the base.

Machado Ferry Bar Gloves Puigi Based on Texas

Dodge Because Enrique – Ernande is knocking out of the ground, Manny Macha is thinking that the four bad balls are pressed, but they have been sentenced to a good ball to expose a stunned expression. Solution, followed by the three vibrations, the gloves are dissatisfied, and they are discrete to the left, even in the second game, when the second game is ordered.

Holt knocked on the high-speed ball in the second game was killed, Dels followed the Khazi Suszheng, Ernande was accurately targeted. Max-Mangsi was taken out in the second half of the second place, and the Ashiel Piger knocked out the high-speed ball to form Texas to play, the thorns that were fired by brokerage were about to be free. Player.

Martinens lending the transcript lost free to send the three bases

Chris Taylor knocked out the high-speed ball was killed by Babits, and then the Ostust Parns watched the bureau. Kak 4 was easily solved in the third game, and Ernande killed Bates knocked out the high football and was killed, and it was blocked the Benneuti to the ball. Red stockings easily solve the falling ball in the second half of the third game, but face Fritz is a condition.

At that time, Fritz knocked out that the high-speed ball was originally positioned by JD-Martinens, but JD-Martinez may be due to the problem of lighting, and it will find that the positioning is deviation at the moment, even if it turns back to position the ball It is unexpectedly lost hand mistake, causing Fritz to rush into the three-game Relivery, JD-Martinez obviously shook his head for his mistakes.

Martinens kills self-salvation bats

Prab pocket pressure Turner forming the ground to complete the blocked, JD-Martinens killed Ernande high-speed ball to complete self-salvation, and let Daoqi earned the three bases that have been knocked out before. The world contest is also attracted to the Shortest-show host Jimmy-Kammore, Hollywood movie star “Transformers” male protagonist Matt – Demun and “Batman” male protagonist – Aflek, red socks two bases Holt It is a hit hard Matt – Demng.

Pierce was killed in the fourth game in the fourth game, JD-Martinez knocked out of the hits, but the Bogagans hit the effect and was not idealized by the double kill. Ma Xiguo was out of the bureau in the second half of the fourth place, and Mangxi knocked out the high-speed ball and was killed by Bates. Puque is also Ples pushing, knocking out the wild flying ball and then smashed. Down.