MLB Grand League Centennial History First Have the same name and surname player playing game

On May 17, Beijing time, Minnesota Shuangcheng away 11-16 to the Seattle Sailor. There is an episode in the competition. Each of the two teams in this game have a rescue pitcher named Austin Adams, they all debut in this game. Two players with the same name were debuted in the same game, such a thing in the history of the big alliance.

Osding – Lance – Adams 28 years old, from Florida. 9 days ago, the sailor just got him from the Washington nationals through trading. The Shuangcheng’s Adams full name is Austin-David Adams, 32 years old from Alabama this year. In 2016, the Indians took him to the big alliance, he stood in the alliance.

Interestingly, they have no blood relationship, in fact they have never touched.

Adams of the sailor said: “He (referring to the Adams of the Double City) than me, I haven’t seen him with him, but I have heard of him. This thing is very interesting. In 2009, he was selected. I am still reading high school. Therefore, my university baseball team’s coach (South Florida) deliberately called me: ‘Are you selected, so would you not come to our team to report?’ I rushed to answer Road: ‘The people selected are not me, I am just the same name, don’t cancel my scholarship, I will come to the school to report.’ “

Before the 2017 season, the two passed. At that time, now the sailor team’s Adams is still in the Los
Angeles angel. In December 2016, his team trading went to Washington. After 2 months, Adams currently in the double city from the Indians to the angel team. After that, the two still did not have intersection until today. The Adams in Shuangcheng talked about: “I haven’t touched him yet, but this scene is definitely interesting.”

“This is indeed confused,” said Adams of the sailor. “Last year I started using my middle name as the beginning of the name, but it seems that everyone will mix us.”

Sailor’s Adams has passed a total of 10 games in the Great Alliance in the past three years, while Adams in Shuangcheng has cast 53 games in the 2014-2016 season, and the reputation is much larger than him. Therefore, the sailor’s Adams often receives the fans’ letters, and he is signed on the Baseball card of the Adams in the double city.

If Adams from the sailor will meet the opportunity to seize the opportunity to seek another Adams: “Brothers, I received a lot of baseball cards to sign, this is too surprised. I know that he is staying than I am in the league. For longer, the opportunity for performance is more, and his reputation is also bigger. But I will not sign on these baseball cards. Because it is not me. If he can receive my small alliance baseball card, he will not sign This is really interesting.

If you have the opportunity to meet, will you consider Zhang Yang?

“Of course,” the sailor’s Adams has even already thought of a posture. “There is a paragraph on Spider-Man, and the two wearing spider-day costumes each other. We can also look at it. This is certainly interesting.”