MLB London Sales Conference: Tanaka will be a big tension Jiaqi want team

In less than half an hour, MLB London is about to start, this “old hatred, new venue”, which earned the world’s various sports, eyeballs, was MLB to move overseas racing to Europe.

Yangji Japanese pitcher field is a bit nervous, and he has been used to the big scene. He is in today’s landmark building while looking at the window. He has no mood to enjoy this “business trip” “. Yangji Red Socks In the first game in Europe, the field will be given to the team’s 100-year-old enemies.

“I didn’t see too much, but
I saw the window from the bus. I saw that London gave me a refreshing feeling. Say. “When I was told that I would first start the first game, I feel unveiled for myself to witness the historicity of MLB.”

New York Yangji and Boston red socks have paid over the London stadium yesterday, the stadium used to open the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, now is the homeland of the Chingham Western Hamlian Club. It has been transformed into an artificial turbu kick field by MLB, and Yangji players said they are amazed for the transformation of the entire stadium.

“Can come here and let the fans see the game is so cool,” said the old big brother CC-Sabasia. “The stadium is so amazing, I think the socks war will definitely be very exciting.”

Benenented to the site restriction, the stadium or will result in two high score performances, the Chinese and foreign wild wall is only 385 feet from the split plate, although there is a 16-foot wall, but the heavy scorpion of Yangjihongsi has jumped to prepare for The fans on the scene sent “souvenirs”.

“We hope that the fans feel the most perfect experience,” Yangji “said the star Alon – Jiaqi said. “MLB London will be very interesting. I know what I should do, because there is only 385 feet here. I hope we can play some home run.”