MLB lunar season’s first big transaction released Parxon to New York wearing a foundation

Beijing time November 20th, New York Yangji and Seattle Sailor completed the transaction, Yangji will get the sailor’s ace pitcher James Paxton, and the sailor will get the top of the Yangji Farm, Justz. Justus Sheffield and the other two small alliance players.

The nickname

The nickname “big maple leaf”, the right arm with Canada Maple, the new season, he will change the striped robes

Two small alliance players are right pitcher Eric Swansen and the Wilder-Thompson-Williams. This transaction has been announced by both parties.

This transaction is the first heavy transaction in the winter market. New York Yangji left the old CC-Sabsia (CC Sabathia) after a 1 year of $ 8 million, Yangji once again surrounded the first round of spending from the sailor. Moreover, Parkston is still in the arbitration period, in accordance with Matt Swartz’s salary computing model, is expected to be $ 9 million next season Parxon. If he is not injured in the next season, the last year of arbitration, his annual salary will rise to a horizontal line of $ 15 million.

Thus, for the Yangji, as the general manager Brian Cashman has completed the goal of 2 pre-farther pitcher, Yangji also has enough salary space to chase such as Patrick-Science Patrick Corbin, Dallas Keuchel These big-name free players.

At the same time, the sailor is as mentioned in Jerry Dipoto, as mentioned before Jerry Dipoto, starts the structure of the entire team. I have reached a transaction with the light, and I sent the team’s first-hand Mike, Mike Zunino, and now they sent away the 30-year-old ace pitcher Pantanton. In the case of Parkston and Zunno, there will be a complete free player. The sailor will take them to better help the team to better enrich the team’s farm while maintaining certain competitiveness while maintaining certain competitiveness.

Parxon also made a recorded record, and he hit the fastest speed on the day of 99.5 miles / hour.

Parxon also made a recorded record, and he hit the fastest speed on the day of 99.5 miles / hour.

The Parxon state is one of the strongest pitches in the alliance. He was born in Canada, so there is a nickname “Big Maple”, “this season’s
self-blanking rate is due to the impact of the hit outline (Yang Ki’s contribution, he A total of 11 bodies were investigated, and I was hit. If there is no preparation help, that is, 5) This season’s self-loss rate has reached 3.76, and it is a bit rising from the 17th year of 2.98. However, his pressures did not weaken. In the past two seasons, he had average 11 players every nine games, while each of the 9 bureaus was only 2.4.

From some of the high-order data, Parxon’s pointed performance this year is excellent than the book (FIP 3.24, XFIP 3.02, SIERA 2.96). He faced the left-sigh performance this season, but considering the luck ingredients (the left bearer is facing the ground to form anhing rate (Babip) up to 49.6%, close to 5%), theoretically in the same three seasons he The pressure of the left bearer is still very excellent (he faces the expected weighted lyrographic ratio of the left deeper in the three seasons (xwoba) is around 0.3)

Of course, Parxton’s excellent pounding performance is based on he can continue to play. Since entering the big alliance, Parxton has never been at all seasons, and 28 games have been created in the 2018 season. This year, he has cast a total of 160 and 3, will have a 160 game. Since 2014, he will be close to the time of injury in almost every season. For Yangji, his health directly determines the success of this transaction.

Parnston has brought uncomfortable by the team medical personnel to observe the team medical person in the forearm.

Parnston has brought uncomfortable by the team medical personnel to observe the team medical person in the forearm.

However, fortunately, his elbow did not have serious injuries. Despite the 2017 season because of the forearm strain (generally like this injury will be considered to be the precursor of elbow injury, it is lacking for nearly 1 month, but the follow-up of his elbows remain healthy. In 2018, he was just because he took a tacked ball for a while. No other injuries occur. In this way, the general manager of this Yangji also said: “The team believes that the health of Parxton is progressing in a positive direction.”

From Parrse’s pitching content, as long as he can debut his pitch to pressure. His four seasons had reached 95.9 mi / hour speed in the past two seasons. At the same time, he will also cast the ball and the ball of 80 miles / time. The previously voted split and shift balls are now no longer used. Despite this 18-season, he manufactured the spending rate is still rising to the best 14.3%. As a sporty pitcher (speed ball usage is as high as 81.5%), his pitching philosophy seems to be a somewhat entry. However, in the precedent of Lance Lynn and Ja-Hap (J.A. HAPP), Parxon should not encounter too much problem in Yangji. If he can maintain such a three-vibration rate, even if you lack a few games, his round value helps to Yangji is still huge.

Let us look at Seattle Sailor. After this transaction, we don’t know that this is the beginning of sailor reconstruction (reconstruction). In front of the Baxton, the sailor once touched with Houston space. The sailor hopes to get the number one pitcher of the Space Man Farm Wellrest Whitley, and the spaceman did not agree. Surprisingly, the team is surprisingly announced that the beginning of the plan is now 2 weeks, and of course the team now has a good player to travel (of course, there are still some big contracts to be able to go to pick up). Before the beginning of the season, the sailor’s lineup would be a big variable, but there is news that the general manager Dipo reveals the team has put the center of gravity after 2 years, which is the 2020-2021 break.

It is worth noting that whether in this trading or the prior to Zunano’s transaction, the sailor is replaced by the big alliance or the power of the big alliance. If the team has developed smoothly, it may reunite it after 2 years. In this transaction, the most important player who got the sailor or Sheffield. At the age of 22, he came to New York with a part of the Cleveland Indian trading package in 2016 and Clint Frazier. Scouting and related farm experts like his pitching content very much, but he can hold his talent upper limit to him at the Great House level.

Sheffield's speed racket has a sinking, relying on this ball, he caught a lot of flies out. In addition, his shifting ball is above the big profit.

Sheffield’s speed racket has a sinking, relying on this ball, he caught a lot of flies out. In addition, his shifting ball is above the big profit.

From the data, Sheffield can put the ball into a good shield. In his five small alliance seasons, he only had 3.4 per nine game, but seeing this data, his control is not a big problem. However, the number of light is not enough to fully react the position of his pitching, especially for the League level, not put the ball into a good ball, even if the ball is good. So far, Sheffield has 3 spheres, of which he has a very speed of 98 miles / time. In 2018, he cast a total of 116 bureaus in the Small Alliance (2A and 3A), and the blanking rate was only 2.48.

At the same time, he also debuted in the Grand Union. Although the three-game reinforcement pitching is not good, this does not mean anything. In the New York Ranger’s new Xiu list, the latest New York Yangji, the baseball, the latest New York, and the top 100 rookie. Scouting generally believes that he has the potential of the medium wheel value.

Compared to Sheffield, Swansen’s name is not known. However, he is a sailor’s lineup urgently needs. The 25-year-old Swansen, also passed the 2016 trading and Dilon Tit, came to the New York Yangji farm. He has cast a total of 72 and 3 and 3 in Yangji Farm. Each nine-vibration rate is 9.7, with only 1.7% of the boost rate. The farm experts believe that he has the potential to become a round value. This time, it is a good opportunity to go to the big alliance for him. If this offset seater does not join him to join 40 people’s list, he may be taken away by other teams in the rules five choices.

Another new Xuemenson in this transaction is 23 years old last year. His performance is indeed very good, and the striking three surrounded by 0.290 / 0.356 / 0.517, and there are 17 pieces of hit and 17 pirates. This is a small progress on the 5-round show, but he still has to be observed in the future.