MLB Mencon Strong Team Countertoire Reinforcement Plan Red Socks Literary Niu Sang Yangji only mature

Over time, only 5 weeks left from the beginning of the team’s spring training.How to make a reinforcement plan for all supporters, how many vulnerabilities have not been added, and the fans of each team are concerned.We first start from the United States, pay attention to the situation of the defending champion Boston.

Boston Red Socks

2018 record: 108 wins in regular season, 54 negative, world series competition

It is urgent to reinforce the position: top-level

Best Free Player Choice: Craig Kimbrel

The reddings will continue to sign the Peve Pearce and Nathan Eovaldi of last season (Nathan Eovaldi), which basically maintain the history of the team’s history. Good results. However, the team’s layout pitcher Joe-Kelly is dug in Los Angeles, the opponent of the World Series, and the team’s terminator Craig-Gold Breier has become a free player. Whether it is for Red Socks or Jinbrel himself, the two sides will continue to be the most ideal solution.

However, the recent conversation of Dave Dombrowski Dave Dombrowski has been covered with a shadow. He said that “Craig contributes well. However, we don’t plan to spend a big money to sign the end.” Red Sato fans expect at least two to sit down, if you really negotiate, the socks are at least before the season It also has to introduce 1 to 2 powerful postpartments to block the loophole.

The space team needs to be signed in 2017 to win the Guancheng Kagl

The space team needs to be signed in 2017 to win the Guancheng Kagl

Houston Space Man

2018 season record: Regular season 103 wins 59 negative, stopping the United States

Need to make up the position: First, the first firing

Best Free Player Choice: Dallas Kaju (Dallas Keuchel) and Gio Gonzalez

At the beginning of the 2018 season, the space of the space owned the roundup of the total alliance. But November 2018 Xialan McCulles JR. accepts ligament replacement surgery, not only reimcoming in 2018, but also lack most of the time in the 2019 season. Dallas Kaju and Charlie-Morton also became a free player and weakened the depth of the team’s first round value.

At present, the space team intends to re-transfer Collin Mchugh into the first round-driven lineup, and the team’s team is like Josh James and Framber Valdéz. This is a good first firing seedlings. However, the team will also introduce an old one will eat the heavy responsibility of each season. Kaikul came down the competition in the 2015 season, but he is still the best first firing in the free market. For space people, it is best to sign Kai Kle, but if Kaikur is not willing to reduce his prices, space people can choose to talk to Zuoji Gio-Gonzalez.

New York Yangji

2018 record: 10 wins in the regular season, 62 negative, stopping the United States champion series

Need to be competent: Wild Two Tour

Best Free Player Choice: Manny Machado

After the Yangji Partition Series was eliminated by the same district, the team main guerrillas Didi-Gregi Gregorius received ligarative replacement surgery, and the first half of the season in the season in the season in the season in the season in the season. Vulnerabilities have occurred when the field of field defense suddenly occurs. Although Yangji signed the old Troy Troy Troy Troowitzki, it is still difficult to complete the air defense of Yangji in a person.

Yangji boss may think that Market is more than $ 300 million in pricing is the lion is open, but the horse check is sufficient to be young, and it is also very good enough, and the Biece is not bad, and the two parties are paired. Considering the current three-speed Miguel-Anduhar (Miguel Andujar), Yangji has considers the signing of Market.

The rumored rumors are not only unwilling to open a record-inline contract, but in fact they have not given a diploma. The Market has already taken two quotation contracts from Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia. However, the offer of the white socks and Philadelphians have not reached the expectation of Macha.

Once the quotation of Yangji is not much different from the first two teams, the sources believe that Market is still selected. It is said that Maxi will make a decision within 1 week. Once Macha is really spending the city or white stockings, then Yangji has to look for the “Neil Walker” in the free player market. Old will supplement the depth of trump. Compared with Marcha, these players are naturally poor than one grade, and when Yangji is likely to regret it for this decision.

The latest news, Yangji has signed a 24 million US dollar contract with DJ-Le Mei Huhieu. This also changed to announce the ranks of marching battle.

Auckland Sports

2018 record: 97 wins 65 negative, stopping the United States

Need to be competent: First, pitcher, catch

Best Free Player Choice: Kaju, Gonzalez and Martin – Martín Maldonado

The strength of the first round value of the sportsist is originally in the union in the middle and lower reaches, and last year, the pitcher is constantly injured, so that the team’s wheel value is on the snow. Many injuries have a significant impact on the 2019 season, and the main rush is the surgical surgery of Sean Manaea accepted the treatment of shoulder joint lips. He will absent the competition in the first half of 2019. Jharel Cotton and Daniel Gossett received ligarative replacement surgery in late March and late August, and the 2019 season is destined to be a year of rehabilitation training. Andrew Triggs received chest export surgery in September.

Due to the injury of the first firing, the external card players decided to adopt the way of cowshed and strong role resistance.

Even so, the snap-in sports operators do not have any reinforcement to the team wheel value except Mike Fiers. Maybe they will find Kaju to ask the price, and I will find the old acquaintance Gio-Gonzalez. Compared with space people, they will be more urgent for the demand for the first firing, but the team’s financial resources are also more limited.

Not only that, due to the main battle of Jonathan, the main battle of Jonathan Lucroy, Sports’ current catcher only left Josh Phegley and newly signed Chris Herrmann. At present, the best catcher is only like Martin Maldona, the old will be durable and defensive.

Cleveland Indians

2018 record: 91 wins 71 negative stop Messian partition series

Need to be competent:

Best Free Player Choice: AJ-Pollock (A.j. Pollock)

The strength of Indians in the United States of America in the 2019 season is still unique, so they don’t need to worry about entering the playoffs. However, if they want to go farther in the playoffs, they have to make up the team lineup. However, this snatch period is full of various trading rumors, from the trading team ace, Cory Kluber, Trevor Bauer to the team Specifies to strike Edwin Encarnacion. The team sent the main arrest-Goms, Yan gomes, met Carlos Santana, in exchange for Jake Bauers, achieved the first base and designated blow. upgrade. However, the air disappearance of the team’s owner has not been filled.

At present, the owners in the Indian lineups are Leonys Martin, Bradley (Bradley Zimmer), Greg Allen, Tayler Naquin plus Upper Supported Jordan Luplow and Small League Oscar Mercado.

Light of these players in the Indians couldn’t go far from the playoffs. Unfortunately, due to the limited financial resources of Indians, they can’t bear the contract required by the largest brand. They may be able to turn to them, and they will resize targets to AJ-Poolock. As long as Polan can stay healthy, he can play a role in the field.

Of course, the Indians can also choose to sign the players who have been covered by other teams such as Avisail Garcia, or signed the strength of the 38-year-old Curtis, Curtis. Granderson). If the country’s market is not good, they can consider using short-signed, Austin Jackson, Carlos Gomez, and even have a foreign country that has been selected for 5 all-star. Adam Jones.

Tampa Bay

2018 record: 90 wins 72 negative, the third place in Mandarium

Need to be strong, you can keep the right of the right base

Best Free Player Choice: Mark Reynolds

The 2018 season rays a whirlwind of “open pitcher” in the alliance, and they have given the shock to the alliance. They traded in Chris Archer, from the pirates for 2 young rookies with large alliances – Tayler Glasnow and Ostdom – Medos ( Austin MEADOWS. When they traded, they were less than 25 years old; then they changed from the Shengluos’ s PHC. Tommy Pham. The most worthy of the top team in the same partition with two 100-winning top teams, the light still got a single season 90 winning results; they ran on the fifth of the League in the high-level winning rate.

There are also many movements in the ranking period, first in exchange for Mike Zunino, then signed the first farther, the first, the old, the old man, Charlie – Morton. Taking into account the excellent performance of Ji-man Choi last season, they sent Bauers from the Indians to the three-game Radi-Dias Diaz. .

We can determine that the radiance is not signed, given that the team’s existing lineup configuration, as long as they find a reliable first right beat, the team will have the opportunity to take off in the 2019 season. Obviously Mark Renault is in line with their expectations. His hit rate is maintained in the average level of alliances, with a certain long and choice ability, and facing the right pitcher is better than the left pitcher. Of course, his defense is not very good.

If you think more, the radiance can consider introducing strong right-called Matt-Davidson. It is said that he can also transform him into a two-knife player.