MLB officially announced Yesterday, the annual East Mountain will then win the winner, and the final Maxian award will be given to the Red Sox of the ace first pitcher David Ples, the Warrior Cow shed Pitcher Johnny Wantes won the national association.Ples last year because of the reasons for the left elbow, only 16 games were ranked, and the data founded a new low career, and the performance in the playoffs is also very general. He returned by the book in the regular season, won 16 wins, and ERA is only 3.58. What more surprises is, not only in the regular season, he also made the fans in front of the playoff, 6 times, 5 times, 3 times, 3 times.In the Five Fastees of the Fifth and 4-1 defeated the World Contest of the Dodge, the Five games of the World Contest of the Taoist Team, helped the team to win the battle. If the performance of the Ples’s regular season is “the East Mountain again”, the playoffs is “breakthrough self”. Of course, there is no conventional “Dongshan again” will not have the “breakthrough self” in the playoffs, and the Prab won is convincing.In fact, Plesce didn’t need to use this East Hill to prove that herself, which is already a race that he can only be stable this year. Warriors pitted Wintters to make fans strange, but he is also respectful in this season. This season’s cowshed pitcher Wintters played 50 games (22) and Warriors (28), won 5 wins and 2 losses, 3.67 ERA. At first glance, it seems that there is a lot of differences with his career subversive period.As can be seen from the chart, Winter’s elbow is a scar, but this is still a photo after his second operation.A little loose player will choose to retire early, but Wyrtes still insisted on the court. The 33-year-old old career has been suffering from the disease, his elbow once 4 times, three of whom is TJ surgery. It is also a miracle in the top stage for 6 years, which is also returned to the top. Winter’s efforts is that our ordinary people can’t imagine, so they will be awarded to be awarded to Dongshan.One of the two players tell us what is “the return of the king”, one tells us what is “never give up.” They have come to the East Mountain, will they become “big devils” in the 2019 season?