MLB rays the most heavy combination of Sai Yang this season Snnell surgery or September return

Beijing time on July 26, early morning, Tampa Bay’s rays came in a bad news. The team ace first pitched Brek-Snell left elbow injured, will receive arthroscopic surgery to remove the free body in the left elbow joint (commonly known as the joint rat).

The 2018 Union ‘s Celeron Award will receive surgery on this weekend and is expected to absent at least 1 month. Coupled with some rehabilitation processes, maybe defective time will be longer. But whether it is the 26-year-old star or wants to shock the rays of the playoffs, I hope he can return to the game in this season. And this is also his second time in this season, the last time was injured in April because of toe injury.

Snell said in an interview that the first time I feel that the elbow problem is before 3 or 4. But he was very convinced that he was able to complete the return in September, but this also watched his postoperative reaction and recovery.

Earlier this season earlier NajaNen Jovaldi accepted an identical surgery and is expected to return between 1-2 months. However, Jovaldi has repeatedly repeated in the rehabilitation process until it will revert to the venue for nearly three months. Of course, this does not mean that Snell’s rehabilitation process will also be displayed, but at least it may not be a smooth rehabilitation process. Although he is still very young, the best situation is still within 4-6 weeks.

In the 20-game pre-issued season of this season, Snell only got 6 wins and 7 losses, 4.28 Era and 3.40FIP scores. But the nearest four prior hair, Snell performance is extremely excellent, 1.64 ERA, 0.91 of the WHIP and 31: 6 of the 31: 6 is absolutely top level.

Because Snell’s injury, the radians expect to recriben from the 3A Alliance to Landden McKai Topus Neol, or continue to use their first strategy. But it is clear that the radiance is like his other competitors, and it is necessary to get one or two high-quality first pitcher before the transaction deadline.

Losing Snell is absolutely unbearable for the rays of the shocking season seat, especially Taylor Grasino has not returned. At present, in the competition of the United Jehroom’s outer card seat, the light is still behind the sports team. How to hold the future for more than a month, the radiance of the uniform can find a way as soon as possible.