MLB Shuangcheng first sent Gibson from the Sniper Indians 4th game

Beijing time on August 9th, MLB staged a big battle for the United States, the name of the United States, and the high-ended Shuangcheng in the season ushered in the near future of the Indians.Just 4 bureaus, Shuangcheng first pitted Gibl, was taken 4 points, of which 3 was divided into blame

The Indians’ First Pitcher is Mike Clay, this season, he was placed in the list of injured soldiers this season, and the current performance of the stadium was good. The self-blade rate can be stable in 3 or so

Today, the Indians’ “wild horse” Puig goes outstanding, and 2 people ran back two points, and they also played a three-way home.He is not stable, since he puts up the center of the Indians, people are all seen in the 2014 season’s Dodi

Indian star second bases, not only playing second bases in the second game, but also makes a wonderful guardian for the team.

Double City Super Tools Marvin – Gonzalez Flashing Tick also did not receive this ball