MLB unveiled in the Tokyo Dome

MLB unveiled in the Tokyo Dome, the 2019 season has been opened, in order to help new and old fans become familiar with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, I introduced Tampa Bay.Team: Tampa BayPartition: Meilai East DistrictUnited States Champion: 1 time (2008)Last season, record: 90-72Team Attack Index: 0.740 (League 12)Team Score: 3.74 (League 6)Main coach: Kevin KashReview:The ray of the 14th to 17th season, the ray of the ray is considered to continue to perform flat, but the team is tenacious and later, relying on your own farm and trading, you are handsome, with two Burton, Boston, red stockings, The 90-winning achievements in the NEW JING II. The team successfully restrictions on the score of the opponent through the epoch “cowshed day” tactics, and its own offensive power gradually moved to improve. Although there is no last playoff, it has been generally considered to be a competitive team.Charlie – Morton is the most important reference of the ray racing seasonThe rest period is mainly:Transfer: first pitcher Charlie – Morton (free player), the owner of the owner, Garcia (free player), catcher Mike – Zunano (transaction), the owner, Gililmo-Eridi Asia (transaction), inheri-inmall, Di Diaz (transaction)Turning: Foreign Word Malers – Smith (Transaction), Rescue Pitcher Hu Zhi (Transaction), Based on Jack – Balls (Transaction), Rescue Pitcher Haimei – Shurtz (Transaction), CJ- Clone (specified), Carlos-Gomez (free player), Sergio Romo (free player)Star player:Last year, the United States of Federation, the winner, Brek Snerm, no doubt, the number one in the young lineup, the first season he struggled to keep excessive problems, but in the promotion point and match the reasonable ball strategy After that, Snell shakes into a super ace. 95 miles of speed ball cover sharp scorpion and drilling area ball, even powerful red socks and Houston space people whatever. Snell led alliances in Shengsheng (21), the self-sharing (1.89) and the named rate (5.6), and if you can continue to improve the ball, you are only 25 years old.Charlie – Morton is one of the sport users who use big data “repair”, thank you Morton choice to sign 2 + 1 contract with the rays, and the individual is looking for new challenges, it is watching the team. His strength and experience. Morton will become the tutor of Snel and another young teenager Taylor-Glasno in the raypevanus, of course his curball is also very concerned.Tommy Fan was rated as a player in the left of the 2017 seasonIn the San Lusi Ms, the 2017 season played the level of Tommy – Fan lost in the trough last year, after being traded, he quickly retrieved, 39 games handed over 0.343 / 0.448 / 0.622 terrible three surroundings. The large-scale in the upper left and right fields of the unmerce can stand up, and the rays will be very expected to be a heavy fire force, pick up the core of the task.Team Outlook:As a small market team, the biggest weakness of the rays is “poor”. The Mandameny partition is fierce, defending champion red socks and continues to upgrade the lineup of Yangji’s strength is definitely above the rays. However, almost every location in the rays, there is a potential newcomer if they can fulfill their talents, supplemented by the cowshed day tactics, and the rays can still be fighting with the stockmaste. The team is not optimistic about the opening season in 2008, but it is connected to the partition champion and the United States champion. If this history repeated, the fans don’t have to be too surprised.Pitcher rating: ★★★★Way rating: ★★★ ☆Expected record: 86 to 92 wins, impact the United StatesKevin-Kilmore, is there a reason?Prepen first line:1 Sino-foreign wilder Kevin-Kirmare2 Right outer wild hand Tommy – Fan3 second base, Joey – Windle4 left outer wilder Avisa Ill Garcia5th base hand Cui Zhiwan6 guerrilla Willy – Adamis7 Specify strike Yudi-Diaz8th baseman Matt – Dafin9 catcher Mike – ZunnoThe team is expected to open the season lineupFirst Pointer: Brek – Snell, Taylor – Glasno, Charlie – Morton, Jarren – Bixi, JonenRescue Pitcher: Ryan – Yabro, Lane – Stavenk, Chazi, Roy, Diego – Casti, Vermo-Fengter, Elimo – PanTerminator: Jose – AlvaradoCatcher: Mike Zunno, Michael PerezWilder: Matt – Dawi, Daniel – Robertson, Joey – Winndel, Willy – Adam, Brandon, Cui ZhiwanOutfielder: Kevin – Kirmare, Osts – Medus, Tommy – Van, Avisa IgalgiaSpecify strike: Yudi Diaz