MLB13 at 10 o’clock live broadcast space people VS sailor Menlian West District staged peak

Beijing time on April 13th, 10:10, two patriarchal travel, ranking two Houston Space teams in the United States of Messian West District, Seattle Challenge the Safe Seattle Sailor in the same way, this is the three series of two parties in the game. The first game of the war. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

The 2017 World Competition Champion Spaceman is not too smooth, and the first two series of competitions will be lost to the rays and visitors, with 2 wins and 5 negative opening. However, the spaceman quickly rebounded, returning to the home, sweeping the players and Yangji, and gaining six consecutive victories, this is the first time since 2004, the team won the six home scenes since 2004. And realize the first time in a series in a series in a series in a series.

The sailor has changed blood in the decline, and the transaction is very frequent, and it is generally considered to rebuild this season. However, what never thought, the new season was excellent after starting, and the fire is amazing. In the first 14 games, 110 points, the 7.86 fields were all in the entire alliance. 110 points are also the highest score records in 14 games before the 1933 (2000 St. Louis, also do this). Loss division (110 lost 69) is 41 points and the best alliance.

In the competition just ended, the sailor rely on Dan-Wribak’s home base in the extended season, and the top 15 games before the season can be hit, and the big alliance is also refreshed. historical record. This way, the sailor has won 9 games in the past, and currently in 13 wins and 2 negative records, the whole group is the best, this is the best opening season of the sailor team.

Game point

The two teams are the same as the United States of America, which is a direct competitor, and it is necessary to strive to win. The two teams have excellent state, with six consecutive victories, there will always be a winning winner to be interrupted, you can wait and see a fierce battle.

First firing

Space team first pitcher: Wade Meri

Sailor First Pointer: Wade Le Brand

The 32-year-old 32-year-old left pitcher who made a good performance last season was a good performance after the Spaceman, which was previously issued in the first time, and the self-sharing rate was excellent 2.31. Meri had passed a short sailor in 2016, and 19 wins and 8 defeat ratio 4.98. Meri’s first first-first-first-to-sports home 5.2 bureau has no loss to win the victory.

Lambs in the two priorities in this season, the total 11.1 bureau lost 8 points (6 points for self-responsibility), the self-sharing rate is 4.76, but relying on strong sailor line, two games They all win the victory. This will be the 34-year-old threshold big league career, the 109th hair, and his career is 4.26.

Focus star

Space people’s two-game “small giants” Jose – Otti has 200 more than four consecutive seasons in 2014 to 2017. In 2017, the championship is a big power for space people, 30% 46 hits and 24 Self-players, win the Madon MVP. In the 2018 season, he only wounded 137 games, failed to continue the 200-safe record, and the home base is also reduced to 13. But he is obvious in this season, and 4 projects are paid in the three series of Yangji.

The sailor is very amazing, and only 10 players will be paid in 12 amps, including 6 Batters and 4 seconds, including 6 strokes and 4 seconds. Cheng, the attack index is up to 1.646.