MLB5 daily view Frequency broadcast double city vs Yangji Meidian partition first war fire

At 7:07, Beijing time, 7:07, the Meidian East Champion New York Yangji will sit in the main stage of the United States, the United Kingdom, Minnesota, Shuangcheng. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

Shuangcheng is one of the most surprising teams in this season. The team’s regular season has achieved 101 wins and 61 losses. The team history reached 100 winnings in the first single season, and I also got 10 years. The first American Central District champion. The double city is full of fire, and the team has played 307 projects, the top alliance, and also set up a new major alliance team single season.

The team has 5 people playing more than 30 home runs. The offensive is extremely explosive. There are a lot of firepower, and there is a relatively balance between the left and right. This also makes the team have more opportunities to win more in the playoffs. The round value of this season is stable, and the cowshed performance is also excellent. Although the opponent is a strong role, the double city must not be bold.

Yang Basic season is full of injuries, almost all the main strengths of the team have been hurt, and the team only has a Jereber Torres’s opening season. It is expected that the main force will eventually come to 120 games. However, the results of the basic season were not affected. The team won the third 103th wins in the league, and the United
States and the championship were locked early.

Moreover, the team is lacking in many main guns, Yangji is just behind the first double city home homer, the whole team can also spend more, 21, 26 Le Mei, plus Derna played 28, which could only be replaced and almost no longer-capacity players played a career’s best results. They are also the key to this season.

Game point

Shuangcheng and Yangji are not only the two teams playing the most this season, but it is far ahead of the big league, so who can maintain the hot feel in the spring game, which team can play more The home base will be extremely critical.

Shuangcheng and Yangji not only have the homing number of alliances, but the strength of the two teams is very strong. Whether it is to invest critical moments, the overall strength of the cow shed pitcher is the top of the league. This season Yangji and Double City’s cow shed winning contributions are ranked 2nd and 3th, considering the ranking of the first cowshed Tampa Bay, which is frequently used in Tampa Bay, which is frequently used. The stability of Yangji and Double Castle is a true test for each team cowshed.

First firing

Shuangcheng first pitcher: Jose – Bellos (14-8, self-sharing 3.68)

Yangji first pitcher: James Parxon (15-6, self-sharing 3.82)

Bellos has pitched his team from a rookie to the team. This season Bellos career is full of 200 bureaus (200.1 bureau), self-sharing rate 3.68, whether it is a self-sharing rate or victory The contribution values ??are ranked first in the United States.

Bellos’s sphere is very good. Although he also showed a good trivial capacity and the potential of the ace, Bellos’ s potential is still some of the two seasons. The number of passes per nine bureau is 2.97 and 2.85, but this season Bellos’ s data is only 2.29, which has a large progress, and the ball is also extremely important for the growth of young pitcher.

Bellos’ confidence in the hands of the season and the opponent’s suppression ability is significantly enhanced. Although his three ivivation and control of the whole homework, there is no significant progress, but the talented Bellos has the opportunity to become a league. Future top pitcher.

Parxton is a race in this season, the big hand is traded from the sailor. However, Parxton has repeatedly injured many injuries this season, and the status is also undulating, but the Yangji will let him play in the playoffs. A first or show that the team is very confident to him. Parxon cast a 150.2 bureau this season, and the self-blade rate 3.82 is still excellent, but Pallston has a certain gap with the last season.

Although the number of Varchers in Parxton is as high as 11.1, ranked 5th in Jianlian, but it is not ideal than the last season, and he is not ideal in the control of the homework this season, every nine games. Let’s release 1.37 bacterlometers, and the risk is still very big when faced with the right stronger. Moreover, Parxon has a certain degree of decline in the previous two years, and the first game of the playoffs for the double city will be a major test.