Mr. MLB300 million Mr. Harper, Harper, wants to pick up the new sports hero in Philadelphia

Bryce Harper and Philadelphians have signed a 13-year total amount of 300 million 3,000 to play the US dollar, the famous baseball writer Jason Stark issued an article. He believes that Harper joins perfectly reinforces the team of Philadelphians. The new season Feicheng can not only sell the ticket, but also better.

MLB official also issued a picture comparison Harper and Ephsen

MLB official also issued a picture comparison Harper and Ephsen

Harper, who came to Philadelphia, was also considered to be the next sports city symbol following Allen Efferson. And the 76 people in NBA Philadelphia, Allen Efferson, also brought to the Harpse of the 3rd jersey.

Harper arrived as a long drought, Ganlin Philadelphia wilder lineup big upgrade

Perhaps Harper can neither it is the best player in the alliance, nor is it the favorite player. However, everyone admitted that Harper is a star player. The star player means that the spotlight means the eye. The fan is willing to pay a ticket for him, buy T-shirts, and even buy the package of the corresponding channel to see him play. This is the influence of the star.

Why is Harper’s last flower? Because the League Philadelphians need Harper. Perhaps this is said that there is no basis, we can refer to the performance of the Philadelphians last season. From the paper, Philadelphie will not be 50% last season, on August 12th, the team occupied the champion of Guandong District, and the strength of the team did not have other teams. However, if the performance of the Philadelphians field, the Philadelphie can achieve such a score is simply a miracle.

The Philadelphia team opened the 2019 new season

The Philadelphia team opened the 2019 new season

The victory contribution of the overall spending in the Philadelphia in the last season is in the countdown in the 30 teams in the Alliance. This achievement is more poor than the 115-game Baltimo, which is poor than the 104 games, which is poor than all 8 of the team, at least 95 games. The victory contribution of all the wilder of Philadelphie people added a lot of winning (0.7 wins).

Look at the performance of the wilderness, the Philadelphians have went to 11 foreign countries last season, and their total winning contribution is still ranked in the 30 project team. In accordance with advanced data, these owners add a winning party contributing to the team (-0.6 wins).

Finally, we will pay attention to the performance of the right outside season, this is the location of Harper’s new season. The main force of the last season of the city is Nick Williams and Alon – Arter. The two of them added to the team last season still negative (-1.0 wins), which is still in the union bottom. At the position of left-away, Rhys Hoskins’s performance is better than these two. His last season he made a positive contribution to the team (0.1 wins), ranked third in the league. However, this is primarily on his outstanding hit score last season (34 mobile phone, attack index 0.850). Horskins is extremely struggling, and the new season Feicheng decided to transfer him to the best, and he will avoid weaknesses.

Star guerrillas Segula Join Philadelphia

Star guerrillas Segula Join Philadelphia

The courtyard fee of Philadelphians frequently makes a breakthrough in the new season

So if the Philadelphon has to make a new breakthrough in the new season, the team must have a large upgrade lineup. The management of Philadelphians obviously also saw this. The boss John Midelton shouted the slogan of “desperate money”, and the general manager Matter Klenak also moved frequently in the offset period.

They spent a big price from the murrin fish trading Catcher JT-Rwuimo, compared to the priest of 2 to 3 wins in this location; they use the opportunity of Seattle Sailor to rebuild, from Sailor exchanged guerrilla Qiong En-Segula. Compared to the original first-scott-golden, this location also received 2 to 3 winning upgrades; in order to change to Segula, the team sent away the original Basebrus Carlos Santana, Huo Skins will return to the familiar one base. This change will also bring 2-3 wins to the team.

How can Harper and McCachin would not think of today in Philadelphia today?

How can Harper and McCachin would not think of today in Philadelphia today?

In terms of field, Philadelphic people signed two owners who took the most valuable players – Andrew McCachen and Harper. The most valuable player awards from alliances came. Only another team in history has signed 2 most valuable players in a snap-in period. That is the 1989 Auckland Sports. At that time, the home of the livestare was still very rich. They signed back to “the thief” Ridge-Henderson and Kevin Mitchell. Although Mitchell has been transferred to the designated blow, he took the most valuable player or the owner.

If Harper can find the most valuable player in Philadelphians in 2015, the upgrade of the Federango’s optical wildflower format will exceed 20 wins. Such a reinforcement is almost unheard.

This is purely seeing this issue from the perspective of the book. The Tournament of Philadelphians introduced 3 wilders selected for all stars last year. This is still a head in the history of the league. New York Yangji is known by George, Stanbrena, did not have done, the star gathered Brooklyn Daoqi boss Blanch-Richi did not have done, built the “Warrior Dynasty” General Manager John John – Shurhoz has not been done.

However, on the current Philadelphie’s lineup architecture, to enter the playoffs and even the competitive country champion, the team must do this.

Lis - Hoskins and Bryce Harper meet last year

Lis – Hoskins and Bryce Harper meet last year

Can Harper become a Philadelphia hero everything to see himself

Philadelphians said: Last year Philadelphians’ playground is only Lis-Hoskins. At that time, Hoskins had just experienced the first complete large profiling seasons in his career. And now, with many stars, the responsibility on his shoulders will be removed. Among them, Harper will take more responsibility.

And the responsibility on Harper is not only these. He was regarded by Philadelphie as a team’s savior, otherwise they would not give him a contract of 300 million to play dollar. Until the 2031 season, he will become the focus of Philadelres every night, becoming the wind direction of the team’s results.

Of course, some people have questioned that Harper is really a savior of Philadelphia? Will His performance will make Philadelres? Harper began to have a historical talent of the historical talent since the age of 14, but his career’s development track seems to be more and more far from the hat (especially in the same period) Mike Trout (Mike Trout Compared to the gap between the two is getting larger.

After the Harper signing, the one-time program in Philadelphia has issued this problem. Is Harper not signing the most free players in Philadelphia Physical Education? Obviously fans made their own judgment. In the press conference, the Philadelphians have been disclosed, and the news of Harper’s signing is released. The Philadelphians’ ball tickets sold 140,000 tickets for 2 days. Harper’s star flavor is obvious. However, can his reputation can be used to franchise in the game of Philadelphia?

And the predecessors of Harper competition, named, including Philadelphians, Peter, Rose and Hall of Fame, Jim Tommy, 76 people, “J Dr. Julies – Owen and Star Medical George – McKinis, Eagle Fame Equipment Owen – Fleir and Star Corner Wron Vincent, also a flying star center Jerem-Ronik. Beyond the achievements of these people, Harper must lead the Philadelphie to ushered in new glories. The aura of the largest contract in the history of the North American Sports Union can exceed anyone in them.

However, Harper has sufficient time to prove its value. At present, the Philadelphie has got the superstar they dream. When you have asked Harper, it is not suitable for Philadelphians. The Philadelphia high-level smile: “Philadelres have 300 million reasons to prove Harper to fit them.”