NBA Eastern Rank Analysis: Nets Exclusive

Talk to the ranking of the west, then take a look at the situation in the east. The eastern part is different from the west, and the Nets are currently in the eastern part of the first group. Although they lack Owen, it is still the strongest existence in the eastern part. The second group is headed by Heat and Bulls, Wizards, and Hornets, and Bucks follower. The third group is the surcharge area. At present, Knicks, 76 people, the eagle and the Celtics are in this group. The knight has been gradually gradually gradually and the top 10 after experiencing a wave of 5 losers. The following is a detailed interpretation. .

The first group’s Nets currently recorded 14 wins and 5 losses. Heads of the first and third hot and bulls are 2 winners, and they are in a wave of 4 consecutive victories. The Nets gradually found in Haden, and Ade was started to go on the right track after being put on. Of course, this is also a certain relationship with Harris’s still. At present, Harris is not suitable for the start of the basket network, it is not as good as the role of this Bry. Nash activated Xiuxi Thomas is a wise move that he has brought a vitality to the backup of the Net, which is no previous. The biggest threat of the basket is a buck. At present, the deficion lineup is complete. Holled’s defensive ability makes any defender, and the rising momentum of the Buck is also very rapid, and the current wave 5 is a victory.

Several teams of the second group have a chance or have been taken to the first throne of the eastern part. Wizards and Bulls have been in the east, but they have not been sitting for a long time. For the current trend, the two teams and Bucks and Nets are not a grade team, and the future will also appear in the
second group in the future. At present, the other three teams of the second group, the heat and wasps are chance to rush into the first group. Buck we have said that the thermal defensive ability is excellent, and it has introduced the organization’s core Luo Rui, which is very obvious. The Hornets are quietly rising. They not only defeated the first basket of eastern, but also overcome the first warriors in the western part. Strength is not underestimated. These 3 teams have the opportunity to rush into the first group.

4 teams in the Third Group and the second group’s gap are not large, and they are very chance to enter the second group. 76 people core Enabad is the reason why they have declined, but they still have the opportunity to return to the second group, and the eagle is currently in a wave of 5 consecutive victories. The team is good. At present, these two teams are most promising to return to the second group. Nicks and Celtic status are not stable enough, if they don’t make adjustments in time, I am afraid that the additional match is inevitable.

The biggest point of the eastern part is still the top of the list of Bucks and Nets, although the buck is only ranked 6th, but this does not affect the pace of their progress. Dalupez is not fixed, Pottis has replaced his position very well, and the last 3 games of Potsy farm has 22 points and 12 rebounds, and the state is very hot. Holledi and Middleton have returned, and the defensive and end capabilities of the Bucks are again lasting. Whether the Net can hold the first position and also watch whether Owen will return smoothly.