NBA Morning Post: James issued people unexpectedly, Lillad lacks for 10 days, Owen’s removal

NBA fans, everyone is good! Today, the alliance arranged 9 games, and the specific schedule saw the following picture. The defending champion Bucks have taken the eastern part of the Eastern Ranking, and they will win the bucks of 2 losers today. The Three-game Rockets against the 6-game losing Thunder, both sides just have played this Tuesday, and the little Burt got 11 points and 10 rebounds 11 assists the Rockets, but yesterday’s union canceled his last rebound The ball, so his three pairs were canceled. At this point, can he continue to work hard to get the first three pairs of career? Before appreciating the wonderful game, let’s take a look at what hot news is worth paying attention:

1. Due to Lori / Bauer signs for alleged violations, the alliance confiscated a bull hot fire. After the investigation, the Alliance believes that the bulls and the Heat in Lori and Bauer’s first-signed transfers in advance contact, confiscated the bulls and the next time the next time. In addition, due to the active cooperation between the two teams in the investigation, the alliance mitigated penalties.

2, the official: Lillad will ablate at least 10 days due to abdominal tendon disease.

3, the official: Nuggets, Ski Potter successfully accepted lumbar vertebrae surgery, and it was not fixed.

4. German-Boke is expected to be absent from multiple games due to left leg gluten. In the first battle of the Warriors yesterday, Bak came to get 10 points for 15 minutes. Although the injury is not serious, the Sun Team will be careful to avoid affecting the team’s crown.

5, Adebad encountered the right hand thumb side-side ligament torn torn, expected to absent 4-6 weeks. Heat official Xuan Xuan, Adebad suffered a right-handed thumb-sral ligament torn to tear surgery, and the return date will be assessed after the end of the operation. It is also reported to follow up, and Adeba is expected to be 4-6 weeks.

6, the official: Warriors recall Clee-Thompson, Damien – Lee and James – Woman. At the same time, the Warriors put Kutama and Moody to the Development League team.

7, the new new show: Barnes first, Mobleil Second, Kun Ningan third. NBA officially announced a new new show list, ten times before: Barnes, Moble, Kitan, Gigdi, Wagner, Du Alte, Sags, Mitchell, Shenjing, Green. Compared with the previous previous period, the ranking of Chan Ningan continued to increase.

8. McMilan son triggers a health and safety agreement, and McMill will conduct self-isolation. The old eagle main coach McMemilan triggered a health and safety agreement, while McMill is carefully considered, choose self-discharging. Note: McMill’s son is also an eagle assistant.

9. Due to many players injured and triggered a health security agreement, the Nuggets can apply for difficulties. According to the requirements, the requirements of the application difficulties are: 1 player new crown virus test in the team is positive, and the three players have been absent from three games, and they will be at least 2 weeks. At present, Nuggets Heland and Rivers trigger a health security agreement, Potter and Dozer will be absent for a long time.

10, Cole: December 4th and the second battle in the sun, Iguidara does not necessarily come back. One brother has missed 8 games due to injury, and Cole said that the next to play the sunny brother is not necessarily to come out.

11. The 8th month of the Culi career is 3 percent of the hit rate of 75+, and the other people totaled 4 times. The 8th month of the Culuri career is 35+ three points in the three-pointers of the three-pointers, and all the other players add up to 4 times.

12, O’Neill talks to Walker out of the wheel: If you don’t have good defensive defenders in the Tekou team. Omhua said that Xibdune will watch the player’s defensive positive and negative value. Walker is -122, which is obviously not required. Sibero will not care about attack, he wants to defense, if you are in his team, it is hard.

13, Howard: The teammates always say that Lotus is my ear, he can help me keep the state. Howard said that Woger has always said to us, don’t talk about the attitude over the side, I think he is right. The teammates believe that Longdo is my ear, he can help me keep the state.

14. Kaili-Owen update personal social media: Who are I? Owen updates the social media in this morning, posted a number of pictures related to tribes and black people, one of which is a black man who is watching a book named “Who”.

15. James is pushing: Some very suspicious things are happening. James diagnosed the new championship first voice: Some things are true, continue (thinking about expressions + fishing expressions); James This dynamic introduction, there is tens of thousands of people in just 16 minutes, and thousands of people forward, James thinks What to express?