NBA – outbreak! 2 Elderly cut 40 + 10, Nash turned into an effect, the Nash’s signing is bigger

The NBA regular season continues to start, the team of the top four in the east is all played, but the results are not satisfactory, only the first basket of returns, the other three teams are booming, which also let the basket network s position. The Net This is a driving, but they have always taken the initiative, no chance to give the opponent, once a leader to 29 points, and finally 123-104 easily win, get 4 consecutive victories.

This game, Nas, Harris and Brown, the absence of injury, the head coach Nash is finally opened, adjusting the starting lineup, 2 Old Mills and Aldrridge first play, other three or Harden, Ben British and Duran special.

Previously, Griffin was a team’s first center. Unfortunately, his height was too short, plus the recent hand feeling, and it was also understandable. And this change has also received the effect, the inner line of the basket is no
longer in a disadvantage, the rebound is more than 50-45, the inner line score 38-40 flat autumn. Aldridge’s performance is also excellent, after 4 in the first 4, quickly make adjustments, then 9 in 7, get 17 points 9 rebounds, and there is no mistake.

Aldridge played outstanding, Mills also ushered in the outbreak, once again in the three-point line. Playing 33 minutes, 12 shots 8, three points 10 in 7, get 23 points. When Harris is absent, Mills makes up for the outer airline, the new season has played 19 games, and the averaging contributed 12.5 points, and the three-pointer-hit rate was as high as 50.4%, such performance also made the Net.

It is said that there is a treasure, I didn’t expect the Nets to have two treasures, Aldridge and Mills, let them become more excellent. Don’t forget, Ade and Mills are playing together in the Spurs, and now they are also seamless. In the break, the Net signed them also earned it. The Aldriki signed is an old will have a basic salary. Mills is 2 years 12 million US dollars, from the current performance of 2 people. Super contract value.

With Aldridge and Mills, it also allowed the Net to forget Owen, or it is also a bit difficult to rely on Durant and Harden. This game Durant got 21 points 8 assists, Harden is 20 minutes of 11 assists, and the two do not have too many shots. When the teammates play outstanding, they are still very happy to share the ball.

At present, the state of the basket is very good. After winning 4 consecutive victories, the record came to 14 wins and 5 losses, and the high-ranking of the first, 2 winners after the first, leading the hot fire.