NBA-Wall latest situation! Do not play the reason, exposure, lying out of 44.3 million, rocket be lost

The performance of the Rockets is very bad, and the last bursts defeated the bull, and ended the 15-game defeat. I have played 18 games, I only won 2 victories, defeating Thunder and Bulls, and the finals of the three wins and 16-negative records. Such a bad achievement also makes people start to think of Wall, holding more than 40 million US dollars, but a game is not playing, there is almost no contribution to the team.

Before the start of the season, the Rockets were consistent with Walda, and the new season would not play, and he will continue to follow the team training and out of the country. Recently, Wal also has received attention, and the name MARC Stein is also exposed to the reason why he is not playing. Because the rocket focus is to cultivate young guards, Wall is told if he is activated. He is limited in the playback of the team.

If you don’t have enough appearance time, Wal also agreed to let him take a plan, after all, for more than 20 minutes, this is a kind of humiliation for Wall.

The play of the Rocket is also very careful, that is, let Wal continue to follow the team training, then let him guide the little-port and Green, and give them some help. The result is not very good, and the light is completely insufficient, and look at the game in Wolle in last season, help him very well; look at the little baurt now, change Playing the defender, and mistakes must be more assisted. If you can have the experienced defender of Wal, the rocket is impossible to achieve today’s achievements,
at least a few games, maybe Green and Burto will also have a good

Today, Wall can only keep a state in the training hall. The possibility of transactions is almost zero, and many people are ridiculed, and the Lakers should use Wei Shao to trader Wall, and come to gamble. Take a look at Wal’s situation, “Sports Pictorial” reporter Chris Mannix Tucao: “John Wall is quite crazy. He travels with the rocket, wearing uniforms sitting in the tension, but there is no game. I don’t Know that this is the benefit of Rockets and Wall. “

It can’t see any benefits, especially the Rockets, which has become a big house, there is no benefit. As for Wall, you can still hold $ 44.3 million, no need to play a game, completely lying, so buying is still very doing. The next season Wall also holds a player’s choice, salary is $ 47.4 million, will definitely choose to execute. At that time, the contract will also be very good, and you can return to the NBA Estate, and then win the opportunity to play through the performance.