New season Top Ten MVP candidates: 41-year-old Brundi joins hands in the second grade

The annual NFL’s MVP selection is subject to the attention of fans. It is also a favorite topic of NFL experts. At the time of the 2017-18 season, Xiaobian also fights for a new season that may take the MVP trophy in the new season. Let’s take a look at who they are! (Note: Press position, ranking no division) [Click to enter the unveiled battle live broadcast] [Learn more NFL information]

Tom Breddy New England Patriot

This year is the 19th season of Bradi career. In addition to the fresh show in the new show, Braddy has been one of the best players of the team’s performance and personal data. For the MVP selection of the Sino-Technical Sports and Personal Data, Braddy has always had a natural advantage. Therefore, regardless of Braddy how old, he has always been a big popularity of MVP without retreat.

Alon Rogers Green Bay Packaging

The first quarter of the alliance today, personal performance is unbelievable, and it does not move the hero. For Americans who like individual heroism, Alon Rogers is God’s general existence. But the team’s record often drags the hind leg of the Roggers competition MVP. This year’s sniper seasons changed in the package, and the carrying strength is not small. Just play enough record, Rogers’s MVP votes must be less.

Russell Wilson Seattle Hawks

The team raised a good result of 13 wins and 3 losses in a single season, and also won the Super Bowl Trophy, but Wilson had never got a pity of the MVP title. Because in the past year, whether it is a wilder, it is still a lot of wind, and people can’t help but feel the same effect as Wilson. This year, the Haiye has become a team of Wilson, and Wilson has become the only core of the team. The single core belt team, still playing a good response, is the best sketchy of Wilson’s competition MVP.

Delin Watson Houston Texas

After Watson took over Texas in the last season, Watson took over the first quarter-off, but when everyone didn’t look enough, he was reimbursed in the injured season. So this season, the fan experts who have a high expectation of Watson are not a few. And the Texas people have spent so many years, this year, rare soldiers in various battles, if they can sweep alliances under this second-grade four-defense, this MVP title is estimated to do not give Watson. It’s hard.

Matt – Len Atlantan Falcon

The representatives of the union of the union of the elite, in recent years, the team’s record has been gratifying. He has also won the MVP trophy in 2016. But who once thought that the MVP curse curse the 28-3 huge leading advantage into a dark, let Lien missed the best holding opportunity so far, let people be embarrassed. This year’s MVP selection, personal performance, team record these two Matt-Ryan is not awkward, the problem is that he dares to fight for this MVP head.

Todd-Galley Los Angeles

After that, after I finished the quarter-saving, let’s take a look at the competitive superstars in the position of the running guard. After all, the running guards also account for 17 seats. The four defense.

To say that the running guards are the most likely players who will take MVP, the first thing is the second MVP selection ranked second Todd – Gorsre. In the first season of Shawn McDeration, Galley completed a big outbreak. The team snioped seasons were recruited to buy horses, the overall strength is greatly enhanced, and it is the most favorable competitor of the National Union champion and even the alliance. As long as Galley maintains data from last season, it will keep the MVP’s trophy in the battle guard again after 6 years.

Yizil Elliott Dallas Cowboy

Elio’s efficiency and contribution to the team are everyone to see. He not only can achieve the score, but also activate Prescott, but also advancing the cowboy. And more than Johnson, Elliot, and his cowboy are easier to make good results.

Antonio – Brown Pittsburgh Steel Man

In the MVP selection history of the Associated Press, only the trophy of the regular game MVP is only in the 1987 season Jerry Less. This is why only AB84 has such an external takeover in this list, and the external hand is too difficult to get 50 media people. However, the first outer hand of the league is still necessary to enter this discussion. Moreover, Le Wene Bell has been with the steel man, and the big year has begun to decline. If Brown can lead the team with its own personal performance, then he will definitely get a lot in the selection committee. Add points.

JJ-Watt Houston Texas

It has been in the MVP prediction from time to time before Watt is often hurt. This season returns to the venue, health is his competition MVP’s largest enemy. As long as Watt can stay healthy, the status is not a problem for diligence. Only defensive players have very few MVPs, only the 1986 season’s giant legendary line Wei Ruwards Taylor.

Alon Donald Los Angeles

Donald as the best defensive player last season, the strength is naturally not to say. For Phavarting, Donald’s pardians were also more obvious, which ensures that he has a stable data output every season. However, this year, the relief group is really strong, and the professional bowls of professional bowls are piled up, Donald as one of them. If they can’t stand out, I am afraid I will be ignored by each judge.

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