Nfl baby crushed the team rumors: I will not go in Cleveland.

December 19 (text / eSPN Jake Trotter compiled / big white) new team, the same plot. This is the story of the Odell Beckham this year. He is still the old set of crying from the New York Giants from the New York Giants to Cliffland. Before some media broke the news, the news of Cleveland, December 18, Beckham finally made a positive answer. He denied that he would want to leave Brown, and said that in 2020, he wanted to continue to stay in Cleveland.

“I don’t want to go.” Beckham said: “I am here, as if we will think about it, this is really very special.”

Brown Belt’s expectation with a fans in the 2019 season, they have before LSU gold external double gun, strong running Nick Chubb, and last year’s stunning homoles Lang Baker – Melfield (Baker Mayfield) . Similarly, Brown has a high talent in the defensive end. For them, the sky is the upper limit. However, after the start of the season, they made the fans, and the current 6-8 records have almost no longer championship.

All the beautiful wishes in the season is bubble, join the Brown. It is a matter of death, but Beckham is gradually burnout. On December 8, before Brown’s game, there was a media report that Beckham tried to tell the opponent’s player and coach “took me away”, it seems that he has disappointed this city. Two weeks ago, Beckham had a vague of his future in Cleveland, saying: “No one knows how the future will, I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow.”

Beckham originally refused to talk about his future, but the more refused, the more guessing the outside world, the more it is. Today, he decided to stand out publicly to answer everyone’s doubts. When you asked 2020 specific plans, Beckhaw replied: “Yes, I am here. We want to roll the soil, we will honor the talent, become the kind of team we want to be, we will put this season All the faults are correct, and we hope to attack the attack, this is great. “

This is the first year of Beckham in Brown, and it is also the worst season for the giant injury season in 2017. Xiayeyi struggle with the injury of hips and groin whole season, which limits his play time and game status. He has no more than 100 yards for 8 consecutive games, which is the longest bourment period of his career. Despite the difficult year, Beckham said that he will still stay in Cleveland after the end of this season.

“There is too much rumors, I heard that some people say that I want to go to the steel man, and some people say that Javis wants to go to the red skin, and it is easy to blame. I think this is not responsible. I have n’thing to do. It is now a big controversy now. But this is a little embarrassment for me, and I know what I have experienced in the league, I know what to do, it will not affect me. “

“I am buying a house here, I don’t think about selling it. I have to renovate it, but also build a luxury dog ??nest.” Beckham’s words are in the ferry giant, Dave-cover TMHM has completed the 5 years of 95 million in 2018, and he sent him to Cleveland for only 7 months.

Brown fans are best praying that Beckham is telling the truth, because there is a bigger “dog nest” in Cleveland.