NFL strength C competted: Two teams are stronger than defending championships seriously

This summer is too crazy, the consumption gives the cat and arrogant!Little Odel Beckham went to Cleveland, Antonio-Brown transit in Auckland, and the rubble-like use meticulous monk.In the past six months, the NFL personnel flow frequently, it is really a person!Is the era really changed?

The new season will open training camp, ESPN reporter conducted a ranking of the teams in accordance with the movement of persons in the offseason. It is noteworthy that, although the New England Patriots could 比布法罗比尔 strong in other aspects, but in the offseason personnel operating point of view, Bill’s strength has greatly enhanced compared to the 2018 season, while the defending champion but lost a number of key players. Integrated free market, trade, draft, or even replace the coach, ESPN for the offseason personnel changes in the teams are given rankings, the rankings are not comprehensive strength ranking, but fighting increase or decrease contrast rankings.

1 Cleveland Browns

Significant reinforcement: wide receiver Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr), defensive end Oliver – Vernon, defensive tackle Sheldon – Richardson, running back Karim – Hunter (Kareem Hunt)

Important losses: offensive guard Kevin Feng – Zettl, security guard Gabriel – peipers, defensive end Ayman Nour – Ao Geba

Offseason, the New York Giants opened a large supermarket, the Browns grabbed Zhendian treasure – David Beckham, and then also with Zettl in exchange for Vernon, show the hand operation for all to see Mudeng dog stay. Baker – Mayfield new season should be a higher level, wait until after the end of the 8-game suspension Hunter attack group will be more powerful. Also do not underestimate Brown’s defense team now has one of Brown’s almost paper-strength strongest league.

2 Buffalo Bill

Significant reinforcement: Mickey center – Morse, defensive tackle Ed – Oliver (Ed Oliver), wide receiver Cole – Beasley (Cole Beasley), wide receiver John Brown – offensive tackle Cody – Ford

Important losses: defensive tackle Kyle Williams – Williams, tight end Charles – Clay

A large number of new offensive weapons around quarterback Josh – Allen, front of the offensive line can give him more solid support than last year, which would make him continue to have a big leap after his rookie season. Bill has one of the league’s best defensive group, Oliver joined as icing on the cake.

3 New York Jets

Significant reinforcement: running back Le Weiang – Bell (Le?on Bell), linebacker C.J. Mosley (C.J. Mosley), defensive tackle Queenan – Williams, wide receiver Jemison – Claude

Important losses: cornerback Morris – Claiborne, linebacker Darren – Lee

Offseason, the Jets in almost all positions for a new, including general manager Joe – and coach Adam Douglas – Gass. Bell and Claude to join, as well as offensive guard front Krishna – Oscar Meyer, these are the most urgent need of reinforcement Jets, second-year quarterback Sam – Da Nuode have a richer attack arms. Jets defensive end Leonard to have this – Williams, Avery – Williamson, Jamal – Adams, Trudeau Mayne – Johnson and Marcus – Mayer, Mosley and now has introduced Williams, their defense has been the top-level talent.

Arizona Cardinals 4

Significant reinforcement: quarterback Keller – Murray (Kyler Murray), defensive end Terrell – Suggs (Terrell Suggs), offensive tackle Marcus – Gilbert, center J.R. Schwyz

Important losses: Quarterback Josh – Rosen (Josh Rosen), defensive end Marcus – Gordon, linebacker Dion – Buchanan, front offensive guard Mike – You Padi

Cardinals make the biggest decision is to Rosen to the dolphins, hire a trainer Cliff – Kingsbury tune champion Lang Keller – Murray, the new season with a league campaign tactics university. Kingsbury and if Murray can quickly adapt to the Union, it has a running back David – Johnson, wide receiver – Larry Fitzgerald and outside a public talent take over, the Cardinals offense may make people feel excited . But the problem is, the Cardinals put in the offensive line seems not big enough.

5 Green Bay Packers

Important reinforcing: Security guard Adrian – Amos, security guard Darnell – Savage, linebacker Winston Perez – Smith, linebacker Darius Rada – Smith, red setter La Xiaoen – Gary

Important losses: linebacker Clay – Matthews Clay Matthews), linebacker Nick – Perry, linebacker Jack – Ryan, wide receiver Randall – Cobb (Randall Cobb), cornerback Ba Shade – Buriram morality

This year may be the time to start with the Packers since most happy one, for the defense group was re-build from start to finish in a free market. But it is precisely because the team will focus on the defense team’s sake, and now Aaron – Rogers truly reliable offensive weapon seems to be the only German Aventis – Adams a person.

6 Detroit Lions

Important reinforcement: defensive end Terre – Flowers (Trey Flowers), Everett T.J. Huoken Sen, cornerback Justin – Coleman

Important losses: defensive end Izawa Kiel – Ansar (Ezekiel Ansah), offensive guard T.J. Long Feng, security guard Grover – Quinn

Into the offseason, the Lions have several important positions need to be supplemented, and now they are good to fill the neutral solve the red setter, tight end and cornerback needs. Coach Matt – Patricia has a very average team on both ends, it should get better results in the second year of coaching.

7 Oakland Raiders

Important reinforcing: Wide receiver Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown), offensive tackles Trent Brown – running back Josh – Jacobs, defensive end Klein – Farrell, security guard Jonathan – Abra governess

Important losses: offensive guard Feng Qi Clay – Oscar Mellor, tight end Jared – Cook, offensive tackle Donald – Payne, running back Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch)

Raiders three first-round pick Farrell, Jacobs and Abram will play an important role in the first year, so their growth rate will be much faster. And Antonio Brown – to join, probably will directly help the Raiders offensive improve a grade.

8 Atlanta Falcons

Significant reinforcement: offensive front retaining James – Carpenter, offensive guard Chris front – 林德斯特伦, offensive tackle Kleib – Mike Gary, defensive end Adrian – Claiborne

Important losses: running back Twente – Coleman (Tevin Coleman), cornerback Robert – Alford, cornerback Blaine – Poole, red setter Bruce – Irwin

Falcons quarterback Matt emphasis on – to protect Ryan, Ryan just received 42 sacks a year ago, it was his second career captured and killed more than once. But whether the Falcons made preparations to fill the league last eighth defense of it? Drop points, averaging 26.4 points no joke.

9 Jacksonville Jaguars

Significant reinforcement: quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles), red setter Josh – Allen, wide receiver Chris – Conley, offensive tackle Jafar – Taylor

Important losses: defensive end Malik – Jackson, quarterback Blake – Bor Waters (Blake Bortles), security guard Tayshaun – Gibson

Jaguars in the offseason lost some important players of talent, star linebacker Twente – Smith is expected to continue to miss the new season, but quarterback Benitez to upgrade from Bor Bor former Super Bowl MVP Benitez enough to help this teams into the top ten list. It is undeniable that there are still loopholes in the Jaguars defense, but by the Calais – Campbell, Jay – Defense Secretary Donald Brown and A.J. composition is still the league’s top.

10 Carolina Panthers

Significant reinforcement: red setter Brian – Burns, center Matt – Paradis, defensive tackle Gerald – McCoy (Gerald McCoy), wide receiver Chris – Hogan

Important losses: 马特卡利尔 attack care front, center Ryan – Khalil

Hogan and Torre – Smith’s return should strengthen the capacity of the Panthers hit the field, so Christian – Maikafulei Moore and D.J. pressure will be greatly reduced. Signed Paradis is a key reinforcement, especially their offense relied heavily on running back Maikafulei open up the situation. But the biggest problem is Carolina quarterback Kanmu – Newton, he could recover from surgery, the new season can come up with a bit of skill, everything is a question mark. Even so, the construction of the offseason for the Panthers were offensive line, or should give them a praise.

11 Denver Broncos

Significant reinforcement: quarterback Joe – Flacco (Joe Flacco), quarterback Drew – Locke, Jiawu An offensive tackles – James, cornerback Brice – Callahan, Noah Everett – Infante , cornerback Kareem Jackson –

Important losses: Quarterback Case – Keenan (Case Keenum), center Matt – Paradis, linebacker Brandon – Marshall, cornerback Bradley – Robbie

Broncos enable an experienced defensive coach Vic – Fangio replaced the young Vance – Joseph, but Joe – Flacco can Bi Kaisi – Keenan played better it looks just wild horses in just marking time.

Philadelphia Eagles 12

Significant reinforcement: defensive tackle Malik – Jackson, running back Jordan – Howard (Jordan Howard), wide receiver DeShawn – Jackson, linebacker Zach Brown –

Important losses: defensive end Michael – Bennett (Michael Bennett), linebacker Jordan – Hicks, quarterback Nick – Falls, defensive tackle Haluo Di – En Jiata

Hawks general manager Howie – Rothman was a salary cap to control the Wizards, his prominent place is that he is always very good team needed to fill the neutral, this offseason he did this. First, we can win the games against opponents of the vertical wide receiver DeShawn – Jackson, then introduce Howard and rookie running back Myers – Sanders partner. Defensively he used Malik – Jackson, Vinnie – Curry alternative of leaving the team this Bet, Hicks and Ron. Meanwhile, in the NBA draft in April is still the first round and two offensive tackles selected Andrew – Dillard and wide receiver Whiteside, the Hawks are ready to continue to impact the new season Super Bowl.

13 San Francisco 49ers

Significant reinforcement: defensive end Di – Ford, defensive end Nick – Bosa (Nick Bosa), linebacker grams Wan – Alexander, running back Twente – Coleman

Important losses: wide receiver Pierre – hondurensis

49 people in recent years, players are put to the General Assembly generous defense group, to the 2019 season, they remain so. Bosa and Ford have joined the defense group makes five first-round pick defensive frontline players (the remaining three were DeForest – Buckner, Solomon – Thomas and Eric – Eminem Steed). Coupled with Jason Alexander and – Pomfret joined improve second-line defense, 49 defense group talent visible. I believe that with Jimmy – Gallo Poirot back from injury, winless 49ers will increase to over 50%.

Dallas Cowboys 14

Significant reinforcement: defensive end Robert – Quinn, wide receiver Randall – Cobb, tight end Jason – Witten (Jason Witten)

Important losses: wide receiver Cole – Beasley, defensive end Randy – Gregory

And David Gregory’s suspension – against Owen retired cowboy defense caused is not too great, Quinn should be able to play a role in the rotation, the Cobb will completely replace Beasley. Witten’s return is worth mentioning, he probably will not play much speed as before the attack, but his leadership qualities will affect the team, a critical moment can play a role, is extremely stable part.

Indianapolis Colts 15

Significant reinforcement: defensive end Justin – Houston (Justin Houston), running back Spencer – Vail, cornerback Locke – Yasin

Important losses: wide receiver Tangte Lille – Inman

As one of the NFL’s youngest team, the most talented team, the Colts last season with 10 wins and 6 losses record advance to the playoffs. Like Houston, this veteran added, just to make that kind of edgy young, but the Colts need him to stay healthy. In all sorts of injuries, Houston has missed 19 games over the past four seasons.

Washington Redskins 16

Important reinforcement: quartz Weaks – Kanna, Quadrowne – Kaskins, Safety Navan Don – Collins, Line Wei Montez – Sweet

Important loss: external worker Mamison Clader, Presson Preston – Smith

Collins’s joining has both strengthened the defense of Hongki and weakened the strength of the same partition giant. But in the future, the four-dimensional nozzle of the red skin may not be much stronger than the giants, and the amount of Naka is only used.

17 Houston Texas

Important reinforcement: Attack cut cuts – Karlier, Safety Wei Thai Shawne-Jepson, angular Wi-Bradley-Robie, offensive, Turns-Howard

Important loss: Safety Wei Talen – Tyrann Mathieu Corner Khaim Jackson

After fiascoal, Dezhou people were painful to improve offensive front lines after fiascoals in the playoffs. At the same time, Texas still has the top defense of the league, the best quadrant and external walking, and experienced coaching groups.

18 Minnesota Viking

Important reinforcement: Strong Galt – Bradbury, Offensive Poverty Steve Clan

Important loss: Defensive Dragonfly White Don – Ricide

The Viking period does not have a big move, but it is easy to see that their strength has declined, because the newly introduced players can’t replace Richandson and Sandro. Even so, Viking’s defensive group is still very powerful, they have Harrison-Smith, Daniel-Hunter, Linvar Joseph, Eric – KFRK and Anthony – Bal. Aiming at the finale of the team in the past few years – offensive front line, Viking finally made a reinforcement.

19 New Orleans Saint

Important reinforcement: near-ended Yarride Cook, Stroke Eric – Macquay, Runa Va Vivis – Murray (Latavius ??Murray)

Important loss: Run Marke – Engraham, Center Marx – Angel

The Saint team has touched the edge of the super bowl for two consecutive years, but eventually losing the loss, so there is no big action for the team lineup. But there are some problems worth noting that if they can give the number one to take over Michael Thomas, help him reduce the pressure, Cook’s joining is feasible? In addition, Murray can replace Engram, and the center McGao Ine can not take a big.

20 Cincinnati Tiger

Important reinforcement: Offensive Pump John Miller

Important loss: Attacking Diagonally Scetrick – Ogibxi, near-end Tetk – Crovt, Wire Vontaz – Burflight (Vontaze Burfict)

The new coach Zach-Taylor is in an embarrassing situation, he wants to rectify the team and strive to take good results in the new season. But from the strength of paper, this team last year 6-10 is difficult to further.

21 Baltimore Crow

Important reinforcement: Safety Yal-Thomas, running to Mark Ingram, external hand, Maquez-Brown

Important loss: Line guard C.J. Mosley, Safety Wei Rick Videl, Chongdu Treie-Sagas, Line Weaved Dadgra – Smith, Quad 卫 Qiao – Vlaco

Baltimore’s defensive defenders have been in the top of the league in the past few years, but with the departure of a star player, the new season defensive strength will be greatly reduced. Thomas may be a good reinforcement, but he missed 19 games in the past three years, and it can be healthy. How far can the crow can go far in 2019 depends on the quarter to Malmar Jackson growth, and Brown and Inglam can bring more contributions to offensive.

22 Chicago Bear

Important reinforcement: Run David – Montgomery, Run Week – Davis, Safety Weihajkinkon – Dix

Important loss: Safety Wei Adrian – Amos, Corner Wales – Kalahan, Run Jordan – Howard

Montgomery and Davis will consist of Tarlic-Cohen, which will add levels to the bear team attack. The four-point Wei Mihel-Trousbuski has been a year, and people look forward to seeing his growth. However, the guy who truly eaten the bears is the defensive group of Fan Gio, and the new defensive coach Chanano will continue to maintain its combat power after the second line has lost several important players. It is worth paying attention.

23 Kansas City Chief

Important reinforcement: Safety Wei Tieren – Ma Qi (Tyrann Mathieu), defensive Dragon, Frank Clark, defensive end Alex-Okafu, defensive end Amanur – Ogaba, Run Karlos – Hyde

Important loss: punch Justin Houston, defensive end Di-Ford, Zhongmic-Morse, Safety Wei Rick-Berry, Corvant Wen, Nelson

The Emirates lost a lot of star players, and introduced many star players, it seems that the paper does not increase, but is it true? It is undeniable that the chief is still powerful, but their lineup is not much stronger than last year.

24 Tennesi Titan

Important reinforcement: Crameron Wake

Important loss: Line Wendrick Morgan, Line Weiner Brian Olakho, Offense Made Common Ton – Spina, Offensive Poverty Sish – Klein

Although Titan’s four defiguity has always been a distress, in the era of Marcus Mario Tag, the team has always rely on powerful defensive and stable offensive front lines to maintain competitiveness. But these two points were hit during the offset period, so the Titan team signed the defenders, promoted the second grade player Harold Randri alternative Morgan and the retired Olakbo. Ryan Tanny Hill is a good substitute for four-point guard, if Mario Tag is injured, Tanny Haye turns at any time.

25 Tampa Bay Pirates

Important reinforcement: Line guard German-White, defensive cut off, NDAMUKONG SUH

Important loss: Defensive Dragonfly, Jarard, McKai, External Hand Adam – Hengris, Wanwan – Alexander

Because of the reason, the pirate selection is signed to replace the star player McCoo, this location has been strengthened to be observed. The new defensive group coach Todd-Bauers led the first round of Xiwen-White cash with the key to success. As for the offensive group, Hunfris is a good player, but it is good enough to be in the depth of the team. The second grade running Wendron Jones When I got the results, the new coach Bruce Alius was also tightening training quartz Wei Jie Miss – Winston.

26 Los Angeles Lightning

Important reinforcement: Line Weitamas Davis, Defense Die Jerry Tiffury

Important loss: external hands Treier Williams, Safety Weijulier – Dai

If the two most important reins of the new season is a substitute four-point guard (Taylor) and a rely on the first round sign, it is difficult to see where the team will have progress. The good news is that there is an exogenous Hunter, Henry is going to be hurt, but the Williams’ profound route killing is lost, and it will have an impact on the offense.

27 Los Angeles

Important reinforcement: Safety Wei Rick Videl (Eric Weddle)

Important loss: defensive disappearances – Soviet, safety Wei Muja, Joeaner, Offensive Herver Rogger Safford, Stroke John Sulvern, Line Weava Mark Baron

This team who killed the super bowl last year was hit on the attack and defensive ends, and the defense said, they introduced Videl and Matthew to fill the cave. But at the offensive end, Sulvervan has a good performance in the face of more than 1,000-fold attacks last season, which is huge. The offense of the ram has always been very powerful, but their offensive front line has always had problems, young Bran Allen, Joseph Nitbum and Bobby Evans will compete for Sulver Wan, Safford leaves The vacancy. Overall, the male is still powerful, but it is slightly weak last season.

28 New York Giants

Important reinforcement: external handle Gord-Tat, offensive guard Kemin-Zetr, safe, Gabril-Pepez, angular guardian Andrew-Baker

Important loss: External hand Odel-Beckham, defensive end Aliver, Safety, Safety, Don-Collins

The Giant’s new season’s offensive engine is running Weaksham – Buckley, so the introduction of striker Zeville is a bright spot. Beckham has greatly reduced the explosive force of attack, Tatt strength did not have a statement. Baker is the introduction of the intention of the giant team, which will support secondary defense in the new season.

29 Pittsburgh Steel Man

Important reinforcement: angular WiVefen – Nielsen, External Hand Downt – Montrev, Devin Bush, Line Weavimac – Baron

Important loss: Run Veridian – Bell, External Hands Antonio – Brown

The steel team once thought that they could take a super bowl with “3B combination”, but now, in addition to quadruptions – Rodris Borg, the remaining two are left. Hope Zhu Zhu – Schustel and James – Conina can make up for the vacancies left by the two, but this sounds a bit difficult.

30 new England Patriot

Important reinforcement: Defensive Didway Michael Bennett

Important loss: close-end edue Rob, Rob Gronkowski, defensive end – Flals, offensive cutting Trent – Brown, defensive cutaway Malcolm – Brown, external hand Lis-Hogan

Although the patriot has always had a magical magic, no matter how much loss encounters, it can dig out new people, but this year they face the situation seems to be more severe. Gronoski can be said to be the strongest near-end front in history, Trent-Brown 2018 season is very good to take the defensive task of Braddi blind, Hoggen is a player with profound route, three people The departure leads to the strength of the patriots to decline.

Instead, the close-end pioneer Jerminate Watson also faces four banches, and the age is also large, and the outer hand is just a rookie that did not play the ball in NFL. Perhaps Bente and Collins’s joining can alleviate the defensive pressure of the patriots, but who will consider 42-year-old Braddy?

31 Seattle Hawks

Important reinforcement: Defensive Didwater Ezekiel Ansah

Important loss: defensive end Front Frank-Clark, Safety Yer-Thomas, Run Week – Davis, External Hands – Baldwin

This ranking is also a little unfair to the Hawks, because the Haiying team has experienced the test in recent years, and they have the ability to make internal excavation to solve difficulties. In several players who left, the most difficult to find the alternative is Clark, because he is traded to Kansas City because he cannot follow the Hawie. External handle Bao De Wen is unfortunately, but the Hawk has reserves enough young people. In addition, Thomas is no longer so important. Last year, he didn’t take the playoffs.

32 Miami Dolphin

Important reinforcement: Josh Rosen, Si Duan Wei Len-Fitz Patrick, Defensive Diffuse Cristian – Wilkins, near-end Detwelne – Allen

Important loss: Offensive Machine Jia Wu’an – James, Chong Chuan Melon – Wik, Defense Dide Front Robert – Quin, Si Wei Len – Tanny

The world knows that Miami dolphins are rebuilding, so a lot of players leave and have no big strange. Change Tanny Hill to Rosen, the new management of the Dolphin wishes to gamble, but now, in the training, the four defiguity is Fitz Patrick. In the short term, the lineup of dolphins does not have absolute combat power, but like Wilkins, Zawen-Howard, Mingka-Fitz Patrick, Charles-Harris, Mike Ghesi and Michael-Dittle, etc. It can also make people look at the 2020 season of dolphins.