No need! For 22 + 6, Lefu continuously and efficient, Lake people’s basket

On December 2, Beijing time, the Cavaliers NBA regular season came to challenge the eastern Jinji Head, but rely on the outstanding and efficient data performance of the whole team, the Knight is finally 111: 85 away, the current team is in the team. The record rankings in the eastern part of the Eastern Division have risen smoothly to the 6th. In this NBA regular competition, the Knights in the Knights is also a pretty bright personal data, and can even be called the absolute hero of winning the winning winning today.

Although it is no longer the first main player of the Cavaliers, the substitute debut Laifu is still able to hand over the full star level. This service, replacing the 21-minute Laofu 9-shot 6 high-procure 22 points 6 rebounds 3 assists, three-pointers 8 shots 6, and he also harvested 2 steals 1 cover, personal score is also the best. In addition, in the positive and negative value of the game, Lefal, who finally obtained +29 positive and negative value is also five starting players of the Qrat Show, and the performance of Laofu on various data is unable. Pick.

In fact, not only this NBA regular season, in the last Knight team and the exclusive game, when Lefu took out 4 shots 3 to get 10 points and 5 rebounds 3 assists, data performance is also very efficient, extremely limited Inside the time, Le Fu is still able to efficiently capture the game data. I have to say that although Lefu is no longer a peak peak, Lofffu is a full star player with a champion honor. This is really a thin camel than the horse. At present, Lefu will definitely enter the NBA ball. The elite strength of the team’s first lineup.

In addition, as the Lakeo continuously played such a transcripts, it is basically meaningful to the Lakers, Nets and other teams can completely die. As we all know, the previous media reported that if Lefu finally reached a contract to buy a contract, the lake and Net network and other teams were intended to recruit Laofu, but now these teams are already waiting for it, because according to according to according to according to Le Fu current data capabilities, the Cavaliers are certainly will not buy a player contract, they will only seek players exchange operations in the trading market. The
Knights are more impossible. !