On December 12th, Beijing time, according to the relevant people, the Philadelphia Philadelphia team has reached an agreement with free players Andrew McCachen, and only the on-pending check can be signed. McCachen’s contract has a fourth year of 3 years with the fourth year, with a total contract amount of 50 million US dollars.”One Piece” McCachen career started in the Pittsburgh https://www.fanartikelsportde.com Pirates, due to the performance of the excellent field and the outstanding community, McCachen is called the soul of the cityIn the past two seasons, McCachen used excellent hit scores to prove that he has already gone out the haze of the fedessic achievement in 2016. In the 1332 shots, his hit three is maintained at 0.267 / 0.366 / 0.455, and a total of 48 projectors are playing. In 2018, the long-playing ability of McCachen did decrease, his absolute long-playing ability index fell from 0.207 last year to 0.169, but his boosted rate was better than before. His preserved rate last season reached 13.9%, almost reached the peak level of his career.In the past three years, the victory contribution of McCachen has reached 7.4 wins, and the standardized weighted offensive index (WRC +) has 116. The McCachen will serve as the first https://www.mlbdrakterno.com left / right wilder. . Since McCachen August 31, 2018 was traded by San Francisco giant to New York Yangji, he did not meet the conditions for qualified quotation. Unlike last year, Carlos Santana, Philadelphians did not losing their second round of draft next year.McCachen, who has the Chinese and foreign wild gloves, will definitely be called a live chess of the PhiladelowGiven that McCacho is 32 years old, Philadelphrons are unlikely to be familiar with the middle and foreign fields before they are guarded. However, even if he keeps the right country, he will also be much better than the front https://www.trikotskaufenn.com right farm, Rhys Hoskins. The good news for the Philadelow is the main gaze in the main gaze of McCacho last season.Odu Belle – Erela as the current Philadelphia team’s Chinese and foreign wilder played the amazing beautiful skills and confiscationThere are only many players who can guarded in the Philadelphia, including Ries Hoskins, Odubel Herrera, Nick Williams, Alon Aaron Altherr, Dylan Cozens and Robert Quinn, however they are not satisfied in the performance of last seasons.The team expects that Hoskins can become a reliable right owner, but his bad defense has to let the team move him to the first base as soon as possible, so that the original Santana will only be traded; Erela’s performance is retreat, Williams’ defense has also become a problem, and Arthur has completely throwing the blow, and Kui is a https://www.fanartikelsportde.com speed-replacement wilder. Although these young wilders seem to be full of talents, it attracts many teams concerned, but Matt Klentak, General Manager of Philadelphors, will certainly not leave all them.The team will find ways to maximize their trading value, tradate them before the rookie bubble breaks, in exchange for the fight against the team. In addition to the team’s young owners, the top pitcher like Sixo Sanchez is also favored by other teams. These youth talents can be used as a chip for the future operation.The state of McCachen gradually wakes up, and the future can replicate the MVP season.McCachen has been 32 years old, his achievements will only decline year by year. This is a typical “free player” contract. However, he does not only fight the blind gun, he has excellent ballism, which can slow the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com degradation speed of his cracking ability. In the 2016 season, McCacho is the 29th low, and he has risen to the 13th low in the 2017 season, and this data is only second only to Joe Votto (Joey Votto) ) Is in the second. Even if the McCaqin’s hard work has fallen, he can make a considerable trouble to make the opposite pitcher on the ball.This signing is also on behalf of the Philadelphie in accordance with their own reinforcement routes. There are a lot of money in this offset period, and they still have a lot of salary space next season. There are very few teams in the alliance to be like a Philadelphians, and willing to pay money. Philadelres are going out to rebuild, and his young rookie is boarding the big alliance, and the farm system has begun to gain, but the team is unable to use the young owner. For Philadelphrons, https://www.fanbutikk.com they would rather spend money to sign free players and do not want to send out a new show. After the trading came to Jean Segura, after the Carlos-Santana, the Philadelphie’s signing is a vacancy of the left and right field. Now these rookies can be left as a chip to reinforce the other position.If the Philadelphia people can join the genius teenager Harper, then the outer field lineup is really a MVP level.After this signature, General Manager Karetak successfully upgraded the team’s guerrilla and left and right owners without introducing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. . This does not mean that the Philadelphie’s lineup upgrade scheme will so far, from a certain point of view, the team reinforcing lineup is to usher in a super star like Machado and Harper. Of course, we can also think that Philadelres are implementing https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com their spare programs to prevent bamboo baskets.Taking into account this snippet, the teams in Guandong District are crazy in addition to Miami macarins, and Atlanta has signed Josh Donnerson.If the Philadelphrons have highlighted the heavy surroundings in the next season, the strength of the carrying book is obviously not enough. For the general manager of the team, now is a boating of the boat, and if you don’t enter.