On July 4th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball

On July 4th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted a 16 game. The results are as follows: Philadelres 2-9 Warriors, winemakers 0-3 red, red stockings 3-6 Bluebird, Malinfish 1-3 National, Indians 4-0 Royal, Space Man 4-2 Rocky, Angel 6-2 Rouvery, Jinyu 9-6 Ray, Yangji 5-1 Metropolis, Bear 5-6 Pirates, Giants 7-5 Pride, Piracle 5-2 Sailor, Route Snake 4-5 Dodge (10 Bureau), Shuangcheng 4-3 Sports Home (12 Bureau), Tiger 5-7 White Socks (Competition), Tiger 6-9 White Socks (12 Bureau)Philadelphia 2-9 Atlanta WarriorThe fourth place, Donalsen’s three-point guns let the https://www.fanstore2.comWarriors have achieved perfect opening, 0-3; Six-games, Feicheng Harper and JT Ryorm Co-lie two points, 2-3; Sixth Bureau, The Warriors set off the attack frenzy, and the Santed Series will let the Warriors unlock the Six points of lock win. Philadelphians first picked up Piti Tower 5.2 Location lost six points to knock two home hits; Warriors first sent Wilson main investment 6 games 5 times a three-vibrating loss, win the first season.

Milwaukee Brewing People 0-3 Cincinnati

In the second half, the red man is knocking out the stalemate of the spring gun, and then the two sides have fallen into the pitcher, until the second half of the seventh place, Iglesias contributes a point for the red man, and the second half of the eighth game , Puigi knocks out the sacrifice of high flying play to expand score; eventually, https://www.trikotskaufenn.com winemaker 0-3 will not be enemy. The red man first sent a pitcher Gray play 8 games 12 times of Zhenzhen no loss to win the 5th season.

Boston Red Sox 3-6 Toronto Bluebird

On the third bureau, Dreste the Base’s home to make red socks leading, three games, blue birds in the ambellell, 2-1; fourth game, Wawzquez Yangchun cannon expand Difference, 3-1; then, Blue Bird Jensen Yang Spring Cannon Chasing the Points, Drui two points to make the blue birds anti-ratios; the eighth game, Garwes sacrificed high-speed ball expansion leading. In the end, the red socks 3-6 do not lose the blue bird. Red Sosa will send Sel to first, board 5.2 Location, five points, 10 strokes, struggle, struggle.

Miami Madin 1-3 Washington National

In the sixth game, Duqier knocked out two-unit gun and took the lead in breaking the https://www.mlbtrojerse.com deadlock. Subsequently, Matt-Adam Scholar cannon expand score, 0-3; the ninth game, full base, Marin fish Zal – Puerto is thrown back in a pitcher. In this game, the National Team first made a pitcher Strasberg’s appearance 7.1 14 times of three vibrations.

Cleveland Indians 4-0 Kansas Royal

On the third game, the Indian Perez knocked out the three bases, using the investment and mistakes to run back to the home; then Carlos Santana and Perez have been bombarded, and the final Indians will complete the Royal 4-0. Indians first pitched the pitcher Klewen Jie mainly in 6 games 9 times a three-vibrate unleading the second victory.

Houston Space Man 4-2 Colorado

First, Bregman knocked out Yangchun cannon to make space people lead, the first game, the second, the third base, the Dasmond knocked out the flat, the second game, the second half, Gurier Kaifan makes space people to re-lead, then Redke’s second base is to expand, 4-1; seven games .

Los Angeles Angel 6-2 Texas Tour Cavalry

In the third bureau, Carlorn’s hitting and Turur’s home running the angel to achieve 4-0 leading advantages; the second half of the three bureaus Knocking out the spring gun and shrinks https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the division; on the six games, Truite is once again opened again. Opton will then contribute a point, and finally, the angel 6-2 takes the victory. The angel first issued the Bari-board board 5 games 8 times a three-vital loss two points to win the third win.

Baltimo Gold Owand 9-6 Tampa Bay

In the three games, the light uses the opponent’s champion first, the fourth game is half, Louise knocks out the three-point shot; then the light of Buroso is bombarded, Garcia’s point of printing points; the top half of the nine games, gold The slashing line set off the attack frenzy, and then reversed again; in the nine bureaus, the light line continuously collected points but could not change the destiny of the conveyor. In the end, the Jang 9-6 rays take away the victory.

New York Yangji 5-1 New York Most

The second https://www.maillotspascherfr.com game of the Subway Wars, Yesterday, the Saki, which came to the ball, the first half, the main game is connected to the series of two points, the leading advantage; the second half, McNet bombard the Yangchun gun Both will take the next point, 2-1; Sixth Bureau Base 5-1 defeated metrics.

Chicago Bear 5-6 Pittsburgh Pirate

At the beginning, the bear went to the top two points from the home base; the four games, the pirate Josh-Bell knocked out the second base to make a reduction, and Kabrera took two-point gun to make the pirates over the score; five games In the first half, Bayz bombard the spring gun chasing the score; the six games, Bell hit the Yangchun cannon again to help the pirate lead; the second half of the seven games, the karathini is once again reversed the game, 5-4; In the second half of the nine bureaus, https://www.fanartikelsportde.com pirates use the security and opponents’ mistakes, and finally reverses win.

San Francisco Giant 7-5 San Diego Priest

In the second half, the priest line has been able to make two points, the three games, the upper half of the three games, the giant, the giant, the giant, the slogan, Dickson slammed the sun spring gun, the rather (then, the princes Baseball, Tatis Yangchun, the Tatis Yangchun, once again let the priests have made the priests; on the six games, the priests are connected in series, and once again reverse the competition, 7-4; eight games, Lunfe knocked out the Yangchun gun It is also unable to change the fate of priests.

St. Louis Sapphire 5-2 Seattle Sailor

In the second half of the five games, Mooreyang Spring cannon broke the deadlock to make the sailor to lead the sailor, the second half https://www.b2bshopp.com of the six games, Santana used the rickets to catch mistakes, took the opportunity to ran back the home, the saga 0-2 backward sailors. In the upper half of the nine games, the red scitch strokes suddenly came from, Molina sacrificed high-speed ball chasing scores, and then the Edman three-pointer locked the victory. The final sagny 5-2 sailor reversed.

Arizona Snake 4-5 Los Angeles Daoqi (10 bureaus)

In the second bureau, Bellin’s home base hits the lead in letting Dodge lead, then Biles and Peterson’s anably score, 0-3; Since then, the snake sauce knocks out two points of gun shrinking small points, Matt knocks back Scheduled, Kelly bombard out of the Yangchun running anti-ratios; nine bureaus, Betty hits the key to play flat. Entering the Extension Bureau, Beilinjan once again opened again, and a Yangchun cannon took away the victory of this game.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 4-3 Auckland Sports Home (12 Ben)

In the second game, Lauren slammed the three-way guns to help the sportsman opened a good head; then the two-city strikes were once again pursued, the first half of the eighth games, Poland Koyang Spring cannons chased the score. At the end of the Nine Bureau, the two sides 3-3 draw, enter the extension bureau, the first half of the 12 games, Jiavier hits the more than the predecent, the double city 4-3 anti-ratios, and finally double the city reversal to defeat the sportsman.

Detroit Tiger 5-7 Chicago White Sock (Competition)

In the first half of the first game, Castro knocked out the first base with two points, let the tiger got two points; then, the white socks walked continuously, the four games ended, the tiger 2-4 backward socks; In the middle of the five games, the tiger Kandra Rio knocked out the Yangchun cannon reduced the difference; then, the white socks walked to play in series and the proposal was divided into 3-7; the top half of the nine bureaus, the tiger Baker Ham and Stuwart have knocked out the second base Anworm reduction points, the end tiger is still lost in 5-7. White socks first picked up the Sith, the big league, the big league, the first show, the main investment 5 games, three vibration, three points, gain the first winner.

Detroit Tiger 6-9 Chicago White Socks (12 Bureau)

In the second half of the one, Mondada, the Yangchun cannon greeted white socks, leading, three games, the tiger line continuously, the anti-Chao score; five games, the upper half of the Castrianos bombarded two different guns Score; five bureaus Kaar, Monda sacrifice high flying balls again; the nine bureaus ended, both parties are 5-5 draw; the tenth game of the prime session, each of the two sides, not divided into the second half of the second half; White socks He Breau, a three-component gun, “killing” competition.