On June 19, Beijing time, the US duty wander alliance ushered in a game

On June 19, Beijing time, the US duty wander alliance ushered in a game, the two sides of the arms were the best double-city team and defending champion red socks. During the competition, the red socks lead two times but they have been chased, and both sides have to enter the extended competition. In the 13th, the two sides https://www.trikotskaufenn.com all hit a home run, the game until the 17th Bureau, and the case is full, Cople hits goodbye to play, Shuangcheng finally at home 4-3 defeat red socks The series of large scores are 1-1 flat.Shuangcheng first pitcher towerData highlightShuangcheng first sent a pitcher Piednea first six games only knocked out 5 security and lost 1 point while also https://www.b2bshopp.com sent 5 three vibrations. In terms of strike, Rosario 8 played 4 play, the Topler 5 played by the replacement, including a home running and goodbye to the extended competition, Sano 7 play 0 is played, swallow 5 times.The red socks first pitted the Prab 5 games only used 73 goals. In these five games, he was knocked on 4 security, and sent 2 three vibrations only 1 point. In terms of strike, Benning Titi, Dres and Holt are single 3 security. Bates 6 is the extension https://www.mlbboutique2.com of the home run, JD-Martinez 8 play 0, swallow 5 Senior.Game processThe two sides Pitted Ples and Pi Nada played outstanding, and the first bureau was all hit by 1 security, and the subsequent two games have contributed a half-bureau in three.The red socks took the lead in score in the fourth game, and Bates chose to the second base, after the https://www.fanstore2.comtwo out of the game, Dresian sent him to the hub. Shuangcheng immediately slammed the score, and two out of the bureau, Rosario hit the second base to beaten, cloned him back, the four games ended, the two sides became 1-1 flat.

The second half of the Shuangcheng, first captured a three-base base and no one out, but Catcher Ganville was issued out of the three bases, and then they talked out, but Sano was saved, still fails to score.

The double city team that has not https://www.fanartikelsportde.com been able to take a score is punished, Dresser hits, the red hose score exceeds 2-1 lead, but the eighth game, the two people out, the double city teenager Copple The security is sent back to Gavier, and the double city once again equalizes the score. Both sides 2-2 flat entered the extension.

In the 13th game of the prime session, Bates hit the https://www.maillotsenligne.com home base of the score. This is the 12th project of his personal season. 13 bureaus. However, the double city is not the main scene, and Cople also hits Yangchun home hits, and the double city will chase the score.

In the middle of the 14th game, the two were in the middle of the base, and then the bits were deliberately guaranteed to form two people out of the work, but Ben Ning Tid did not be a hero. It didn’t hit it.

Rosario hits the first players in the 15th game, but the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com next stepped fly balls were killed, Rosario did not return to the second base in time, and also out.

The next half of the 17th Bureau captured two or three bases and only one person out, after deliberately saving the cloning, the Kaipus station hit a goodbye to play, after the 17th game, the double city finally lost 4-3 dancing socks, end The 6 https://www.mlbtrojerse.com consecutive victory of the opponent.

Both sides

Minnesota Shuangcheng

First Bar Guard Holhi – Polish

Second Bar Catcher Mickey – Gaw

Third rod designated against Nelson – Cruise

Fourth stick left outer wilder Eddie – Rosario

Fifth stick, a base, CJ-clone

Sixth rod right wilder man Wen-Gonzalez

Seventh sticks, Miguel, Sano

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Jack Kraft

Ninth Bar Two Rocker Jonathan – Sku

First pitcher Michael-Pipene

Boston Red https://www.fanbutikk.com Socks

First stick right wilder Muqi-Bates

The second rod left outer wilder Andrew – Benin Tidi

Third rod designated to combat JD-Martinez

Fourth stick Triassor Rafael Dres

Fifth stick guerrilla Zon Bogot

Sixth stick Barrant Brandon Holt

Seventh stick, Michael, Chavez

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wild hands small Jieki – https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Bradley

Ninth Bar Catcher Cristian – Watzkz

First Potter David – Ples

Next look

Red socks will send Rodrigs to the game tomorrow. He faced a lot of gold in the last competition, which is 1 point. It is called the best match this season. He carefully faced the double The city’s self-discovery rate is only 3.91. Shuangban’s Gibson has played more excellent https://www.b2bshopp.com in this season. Since May 4th, his self-sharing rate is as low as 3.02, and the last battle faces the royal part of the eight https://www.mlbtrikot4.com games.

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