On October 18th, Beijing time, the fourth spaceman of the Meidian partition finals was sitting in the town of sideline, and the red socks were in Boston. Space man fans caused the team players to be judged by stupid move, and they were sent to the appearance.This dramatic scene appeared in the second half of the first game, and the reddock team was 2 to 0 at the time. The space man is a round to the United Unitedity MVP Jose-Alt Tighti, he seizes the quarter stitching speed of Polylo, and pushes the ball to the right field.The reddock team is right outside Wood Muqi – Bates all the way to the home running wall and then high jumbled https://www.b2bshopp.com to confiscate the home run of Alt Tuwi. When he was close to this five-star offering, a fan directly closed with Bates’ gloves.Joe West (Joe West) was referented in this game, and he immediately ruled the fan interference. This ruling allows https://www.fanstore2.com

Springer to return to the first base in accordance with the rules, and Altui is directly sentenced.

West is the referee of this Meilai partition final, and the space will immediately file a video playback challenge. After the video playback judgment of the US Professional Baseball Grand Alliance New York Headquarters, the headquarters ruled that the fans were interfered with the ball, and Altuwi was automatically out.

This ruling will definitely arise after the end of the game. Wester finally confirmed: the audience was obviously disturbed, preventing the owner of the owner, and the https://www.b2bshopp.com player Alt Tights, the security guard will play the fans. According to the game recording playback, the behavior of the fans should be dealt with intentional interference in accordance with MLB rule 6.01 (d).

MLB stipulates that when the player https://www.fanbutikk.com crosses the fence, railings, ropes, fans must not interfere. If the audience reached out and obviously prevents the player from catching the ball, it should be judged to go out.