One of the belts, you read the NFL playoffs, the promotion rules will be addicted tomorrow!

The 2018 season NFL regular season has ended the sixteen weeks of competition. The next week is the final battle, and the seipulation of the playoff will also be determined.The regular season ranked this season, especially in the United States, there is a lot of uncertain factors.Ranking rules also triggered extensive discussions in fans.Today, before the final battle of the regular season, let us re-clip the ranking rules of the NFL playoffs, and look at how the seasons are all assigned.

First, the distribution of seats playoff

The team’s standings in accordance with the merits of the record, which is well understood. But the NFL has a special thing that we must look at Division rankings, also at the Federation rankings. AP NFL divided into two federations and the League of Nations, there are four corners of each federation Division, four teams in each division. That many fans may already be familiar with. The playoff seats, is the first assigned to the first name of each contest. Seeds 1-4 two federations, division head must be the name of the job. This explains why in the current AP rankings, Los Angeles Lightning’s record is better than the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans three teams, but it ranks only ranked behind them – because these three teams are currently first place in their division, while the lightning team is second in the AL West.

After removing each Division title, the remaining two playoff places, the “wild card”, you do not look at the record division, but the same federation, all “did not get the division title,” the team placed together, according to the standings. It is easier to understand, this will not repeat them.

So you can imagine, in this rule, each division are guaranteed to have at least one team qualify for the playoffs, but most can only have three, namely a division title and two wild card, will not be four all teams qualify for the playoffs situation.

Each rule is certainly Division title to get into the playoffs, that is to say, no matter how bad the division championship record, as long as they are in first place in the playing area, you can make the playoffs. In the history of such a rule had also produced some of the more amazing examples of the 2014 season, the National League is a typical South – at that time head of the Division 名卡罗莱纳 Panthers only record of 7 wins and 8 losses and 1 level, which makes them under both losing more than winning situation into the playoffs, even more amazing is that they are out of the wild card race record is far better than their Arizona Cardinals.

This involves another rule – competition for home-court advantage. In the NFL, which side of playoffs at home, depends entirely on which side of the high seed seats. Therefore, not only can ensure the division title into the playoffs, but also to ensure that at least a playoff game at home is carried out. Examples of the above, the Panthers 7 wins is 11 wins at home to beat the Cardinals.

Second, the record of the same “small points” rule – the same situation Division

Probability NFL regular season, each team only 16 games, a tie is still relatively low, and that season was also very rigid schedule to develop, there is no room for “playoff” in. So at the end of the season, the two teams even more than the case of the same team record is very common. This led coalition had to develop a detailed “small points” rule, to ensure that the record is the same, which can be clearly distinguished from the column before the party, which party after. Here we look at eleven.

The first is the same record the event inside the stadium. In other words, all the teams involved are from the same division. At this “small points” rules are as follows:

1 odds involves direct confrontation between the team race

It is often said that the “relationship between the outcome,” because certainly are played against each other twice with the division between the team, so you can first decide to compete with the outcome of the relationship. 2011 season, the AL West, the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers are 8-8 at the time, we must first compare the outcome of the relationship between the three teams.

A case is assumed in direct confrontation team 4-0 (i.e., a double play other teams), B team 2-2 negative (double play team C), C 4 team games are lost, then the time on the outcome of the relationship A team can decide foremost, B, followed by team, C team final. But in our case, the Broncos, Raiders and lightning are among each other have one win and one loss, so there is no relationship between the outcome and decide the ranking, so the next step –

Record 2 all game playing area

This means, to calculate all six division games involving teams of civil war, more record six games. For example, this season, the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles lightning is 11 wins and 4 losses, the outcome of each relationship is a win, but the chiefs of division record is 4 wins and 1 loss, while lightning is 3-2, is the Emirates front row (They also have a civil war no contest).

And back to the previously mentioned example of the 2011 season, the Broncos, Raiders and lightning these three teams, Division record is 3 wins, 3 losses are therefore still decide not to compete, we will continue to look down –

3 face the same opponents in the race record

This comparison is mainly involved in the team competition in the face of record at the same opponent (because each team to face the opponents are not the same), or that this example the 2011 season, the Broncos involved, Raiders lightning and three teams, there are common opponents chiefs, Bill, Patriots, jets, dolphins, Vikings, Bears, Packers, Lions, a total of nine teams 10 games.

In the face of this same 10 opponents in the game, Mustang’s record is 5 wins and 5 losses, Raiders and lightning record is 4 wins and 6 losses, so turns out, the Broncos got the division title, lucky march on the postseason race. Veteran fans may remember, that year’s Mustang performance in the playoffs is also impressive – quarterback Tim – Thibaudet to de Darius – Thomas heard a record 80 yards touchdowns and then let this wild card game in overtime played only a ball to an abrupt end, away with a Pittsburgh Steelers.

4 If there has screened only 2 teams, then comparing these two teams start over again from the first step, if still the same, or in this case more than two teams are still tied, then the fourth, the comparison involves teams in the record of this Federation.

We continue to say that the example of the 2011 season, the Broncos have come to the fore. But the Raiders still tied and lightning, although the two teams already know that missed the playoffs, but will also have an impact on who should draft pick who after. This re-start comparing the two teams from the first, is still here all the same, so the comparison Federation of record, lightning record 12 games in the American League game is 7-5, the Raiders are 6-6, so the lightning came in the front.

5 If it is still the same, then the following is compared: the gains of the game; the competition is gold; the net wins in this Federation competition; net in all competitions; in the common opponent competition; in all competitions Total score; reached the number of times in all competitions; guess coins

The remaining rules will rarely use, even if they are useful, almost between the teams from different sectors, so we put it in the next section.

Third, the “small score” rules between different competition teams

In response to small rules between the teams from different charts, the rules of the same competition are different, we will see it.

1 Direct Division of Match Resort

This is also the “win-negative relationship” mentioned above, it should be noted that there is no necessity between the teams from different charts. Therefore, when the team involved in three or more, only one team defeated all other teams, or a team lost to all other teams, this winning relationship is only applicable, otherwise, See the next one.

2 The record of this federation competition

This article is the same as Article 4 of the Rules of the Competition, and it is also a common rule between the different sectors teams. We take this season as an example. The current record of the new England patriots is 10 wins and 5 losses, Baltimore Crow and the record of the Indianapolis horses are 9 wins and 6 losses. In other words, if the patriots will be lost in the last week, the crows and pony wins, these three teams are 10 wins and 6 losses, and they are the championships of each division.

This season, the patriots defeated the pony directly, but there is no hand with the crow. Therefore, the three teams have a small division, and they cannot see the victory relationship. They can only start from the beginning of the federation. At that time, the Patriots and Pony’s Meeting will be 7 wins and 5 losses, and the crow is 8 wins and 4 losses. In this case, the crow will rank in front of the patriots, get the first round of the playoffs.

3 If you have been filtered to only 2 teams at this time, then the two teams are re-compared from the first step. If still the same, or there is still more than two teams, then Article 3 is: facing the same opponent Competition record (at least four games)

This is also the rules already explained earlier. It should be noted that the team involved in the rules must have four games that face the same opponent, and use this rule. If you don’t come, you will see it. From the actual situation, the two identical federation of the same fellowship, the same opponent competition is very small, so the application range of this rule is still very wide.

Take this season as an example. If the last week of pony is flat and the steel man wins, then the record of the two teams is 9 wins and 6 losses, no direct match, the Meeting record is 6 wins and 5 losses, 1 flat, It is necessary to compare this. The common opponents of steel people and pony have a tiger, a jaghu, a raid person, a patriot four teams, a total of 4 wins in these five games, while the pony is only 2 wins and 3 losses. Therefore, in this case, the steel man wins and gets the second outer card.

4 winners

The meaning of this is to see which opponents have been defeated, who defeated the opponent’s strength, and the game is high. This was used in the last season. At the end of the regular season, Titan, Bill, Lightning and Crows Four teams are all 9 wins and 7 losses, and they want to compete for two external cards. The four teams don’t have direct match, so the more Meeting of the United States, the 12 wins and 4 losses of the 12 Messian contest will win, get the first outer card quota, 6 wins and 6 losses of lightning first. The remaining Bill and Crows, the Meeting of the United States is 7 wins and 5 losses.

Moreover, Bill and Crows are in the five games in the face of common opponents, and they are 4 wins and 1 loss, so they have to compare the gold content of the game. Bill’s winners is 0.396, and the crow is only 0.299, so Bill win, got the second outer card quota.

5 If it is still the same, then compare: the strength of the competition, the net winning points of the Federation, all the net winning points, the total score of the Federation competition, all the total score of all competitions, the number of games, guess coins .

The possibility of these rules is used very small, so we will not repeat it. The only thing worth mentioning is that everyone can see that “net winning” and “total score” rules are very low in the order of rules, so the purpose is to prevent the team to play a big score in the last week. Because in history, the most famous once is in the 1999 season, and the net wins are still a very small rules. Before the last week, the package workers, black panthers and cowboy have hope to get the last outer card quota of the National United. At that time, the small section of the cowboy was the biggest advantage, but the packaging workers and black panthers did need to rely on net winning to decide who was first, then the package was defeated with 49-24, and the black panther defeated the Saints at 45-13. . At that time, the packaging workers and the black panther two teams were each leading 20 points. In the last moment of the game, they also played a quick pace to attack such a wonder as a score. However, the final denim team has also achieved victory in the game later, so the package worker has saved the net power of the black panther, but still can’t be entered the playoffs. In the 2002 season, with the alliance expanded to the 32 team, the small sub-rules were modified into the current model.

Package 49-24

Package 49-24

Black Leopard 45-13 Saint

Black Leopard 45-13 Saint

Fourth, the team in the same competition is the same as the team’s team of other competitions.

Finally, let’s talk about it. When the team from the same part is the same as the team’s team, you must first look at who is between the team’s team, and then compare the team of different sectors. For example, the tabs, Titan and steel people may also play 9 wins and 6 losses. At this time, the two mutual district teams in Pony and Titan were compared, and the Pony will rely on the victory. Therefore, the steel man can be in front of the pony at this time. Only when the steel person is not as good as the pony, it needs to be compared to Titan.

The above is the NFL playoffs seat rules and small calculation methods. Tomorrow is the regular season, what rules will be used when they go? We will wait and see.