O’Neill forward NBA award prediction: Curry Coronation MVP Montcomb best coach

As the game entered in December, the NBA schedule has also finished 1/4. Today, there are American netizens to predict the NBA’s winners of each award this season. Among them, MVP belongs to the library, DPOY is a chasing dream, the best rookie belongs to Mobeley, the Sun coach Monti is best to take the best coach. This prediction result of netizens also received forward NBA superstar O’Neill’s forwarding support.

In the MVP award prediction, the Warriors ranked first, Durant ranked second, and the alphabet brother ranked third. The Warriors have excellent record, plus the library, and he has always been hot in MVP. As for the MVP winners of the last season, he was trapped in the team’s record, which https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
affects his MVP ranking this season.

In the best defensive player forecast, the Warriors ‘chasing dream Green roses in the first place, the Heaters’ Badler ranked second, the Bridges of the Sun team in the third place. Bridges’ recent performances are very bright, in the sun with the warriors, he completely locked the library.

In the best rookie forecast, the Knights explored the Show Mobleli Pressure Dragon Team No. 4 Shi Barnes successfully elected. The Thunder’s Jidi ranks third. The champion CC and the list of Jay, Green do not have a list.

The prediction result of the best sixth person is the Haler of the Wizards. The Heat of Heilo is ranked second, the Rubio of the Knights is ranked third. At present, the Harrellfield scored 16.6 points 8.1 rebounds, and the Hilo was 21.7 points 5.5 rebounds 3.8 assists.

The fastest progress player award belongs to Bridges of the Hornets, and the Warriors’ Pohr is ranked second, the Spurs Murray ranks third.

The best coach is the Sun coach Monti Williams, the second is the Warriors coach https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comCole, the third place is the Wizard of New Shuai Little Seld.

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