Only 33 years old, basketball players are going to die! About lung cancer, not only the cigarette

December 5 morning

An unfortunate message came

Beijing Shougang player Ji Ji died

33 years old

This morning, the former Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team member Jiaojian wrote: “From November 22, Ji Ni returned to Beijing, all Chinese medicine and Western medicine experts have done full!” “Tianzhu Tale! I hope that there is basketball in heaven.” Accompany! “” Forever 51, brother, all the way! “

On October 14, 1986, Ji Yin was born in Shenyang, Liaoning, and attended the strength of the strength. He began on behalf of the Beijing team to fight the CBA league in the 2007-08 season, and was one of the two consecutive seasons.

From the 2017-18 season, Ji Ya began to be wounded. In the 2018-19 season, Ji Ji’s knee is seriously injured in the United States for injury treatment and rehabilitation, reimbursing this season. Since then, I didn’t return to the course.

Just in this morning, the original Beijing men’s basketball team Jiaojian Weibo revealed the current situation of Ji Ji, indicating that “all Chinese medicine and Western medicine experts have made full efforts”, and use “Tianzhu Tale”, “I hope there is basketball in heaven.” The word of companionship. It has been confirmed that the former Beijing men’s basketball team has died of illness, only 33 years old.

It is worth mentioning that in the 2017 Mabri self-pass movie “I am Marble”, Ji Ji has a certain play. In the player in the play, the actor who has died in the evening is high. (Gao Zhi Xiang was in the process of recording in the variety show in November 27, 2019, and the scene was fainted. After the rescue was invalid, he was only 35 years old.)

The role prototype of Gaoxiang (left) is Ji.

Beijing Shougang Basketball Club passed the official micro

Published this unfortunate news:

Ji Ni is gone.

At 2:16 in the morning of December 5, 2019, Zhongri Friendship Hospital, after more than a year with lung cancer, Ji Ji left us.

In 2007, Ji Jin came to Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team, he was not too high in 2 meters, but the basic work was triggered, and he quickly won everyone’s favorite and trust. He used his body to protect the banned area of ??Beijing basketball. Whether it is in the trough in the team staff, the trough in the team is still in the team, the four-year three crown highlights, Ji Ji has always been brave, with his buddy, his three points, his rebound, Silently contributes all of his energy.

For a long time, Ji Ji is the most embarrassing person who is taught by the coach, and is the most loved person. Never give up, always insist, this is his own creed, and it is also the spirit of Beijing basketball. Like other people in the team, he is willing to pay all the team. He is not a charge of the charge, the top of the huge aura, but he is sticking to the position, hitting the one that finally shouted to “fire me”. Basketball is a movement of passion and blood, and Ji Yizhen translates his passion and blood into a dedicated industry on the court.

Since the head of the Shougang Men, Ji Ji carested a lot of players like pro, guarding the team. Blood is full of water, Ji Jin has always been an important member of the Shougang family. He is selfless dedication, and his last light and heat have been exhausted for Beijing basketball. He is not a very good person, but his serious, meticulous and low-key are deep. In many cases, Ji Ji has his own pain, but he pressure, endure, and only the smile to show the people around you.

In August last year, Ji Ji confirmed the sick and the club helped him to go to the US treatment. He didn’t tell the fans, we are the same, because we all believe that this is temporary difficult, after the effort, one day he will return to the stadium. Family, friends, and clubs do their best to accompany him. During the treatment, Ji Jin has been in touch with the club and the team, showing everyone to return the tenacious will and optimistic attitude of returning to the game. He said, “Brothers, wait for me”. Not long ago, Ji Ji said to his mother: “I want to go back to play.”

But the disease is cruel, and I have experienced a long treatment period, and Ji Ji still left us. We are as bad as all fans, and we hope that he can appear in the dormitory, canteen, stadium as before.

Ji Ji is gone, he must also love basketball like we are with our side. His 51 jersey will always stay in the first steel men’s basketball team, floating over the court, accompany your loved ones and love people.

Sad, heart, such as a knife. We will help Ji Ji’s family will pass the difficult time to lose loved ones.

Ji Ni and us are there. There is also basketball in paradise.

After the death
of Ji

Ma Black, Yi Jianlian and other basketball players and basketball reporters

Both messages on Weibo to remember


Netizens also regret


Such a talented young athlete

The lung cancer has taken the life of life.

According to the news released by Beijing Shougang Basketball Club

Ji Ji confirmed the sick from August last year

Go to this morning

More than a year before and after

According to the National Cancer Center Report

3929,000 cases of new malignant tumors per year in my country

Among them, the number of vicious tumors in lung cancer

About 631,000 died of lung cancer every year

On October 16 this year, the badminton star Han Aiping was invalid because of the late rescue of lung cancer, in Wuhan, enjoy 57 years old.

On December 2, last year, Zhang Ouying, No. 7, China Women’s Foot Road, “Express”, No. 7, China, is died of death in San Dien, USA, and at the age of 43.

Zhang Ouying is one of the Chinese women’s foothold representatives.

Lung cancer is extremely high

Killed the “Cancer Killer” in the world “

Who is easy to get lung cancer?

How to prevent lung cancer?

Stamp diagram to understand ↓

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