Outside MLB- card playoff fierce battle which lasted five hours 13 innings Rockies a 2-1 victory over the Cubs

Beijing on October 3, 2018 postseason started the first game, at home against the Cubs Rocky. The game the two teams have sent the strongest pitcher, vowing to escape to the wild card battle of life and death in a war.

The key game became a pitcher war, two starters were outstanding, but perform better Freeland is a party, but Rocky did not keep the advantage at one point, in the eighth inning tied, then both sides playoff, finally, with the key RBI in the thirteenth Jushang Ban Waters, the win over the Cubs, wars break out wild card into the National League Division World war II.

[Data Highlight]

Storery also ran back to the key point, relying on this team 2-1 wins

Storery also ran back to the key point, relying on this team 2-1 wins

Story number 3 hit six hits, Waters contributed key hits to get playoff RBI

[Competition process]

Brake runs back to home base for the team first

Brake https://www.b2bshopp.com runs back to home base for the team first

The first Jushang Ban, Jean – Leicester debut after pitching the first game but have not gone smoothly, Blackmon hit the first bar, elected to four balls walked on base, LeMay fight off seven balls hit flat out fly ball deep to left field direction, originally we had hoped that a triple, but within the ball into the ivy, the referee then identified as the site base hit; multi-Arena then hit a sacrifice fly, Blackmon back to score, Rocky road pre-emptive, 1-0. The Houlaisite recovery state, the Story consecutive strikeouts and Huo Ledi, ending a half innings.

The second half of the first inning, pitching debut Freeland, the first leg left Brister hit a base hit, but after the hitters did not contribute, Bryant was struck, Rizzo fly ball outs, Bai Yezi Also strikeouts were swinging fall, the end of the Council.

Second Jushang Ban, Lester returned to normal state, Desmond https://www.mlbtrojerse.com and Dahl are actively stick out, was the result of both a fly ball outs, Aienneita chase a curve ball fall, was struck out three over three half-board under. The second game in the second half, the first Cubs hitters can still a hit, 阿尔莫拉安 marked base, Murphy’s grounder to make Almora blocked at second base, outfield level flight in Las Conte ball was then kill, wave pedicle was struck out, ending the Second Board.

Third Jushang Ban, turn the pitcher hit, Freeland was strikeout swing fall, Blackmon has a hit on the base, LeMay Hugh Carter was a ball struck; Leicester face with the outer corner of the right hitters ever Carter balls and curve balls to attack the strike zone, the results of Arena multi-hit ground ball to form a curve ball, blocked at first base, ending a half innings.

The second half of the third inning, debut against Leicester, Freeland was struck with the same left Bristol ground ball outs, Bryant hit three balls out of the infield will Dumbo ball was then kill, also Freeland on completion of a https://www.mlbdrakterno.com three out of three times.

Fourth Jushang Ban, Story of a ball on the attack, resulting in a fly ball to right field level, was left Bristol then kill; Huo Ledi then knocked a base hit, captured the scoring position, Desmond was standing strikeouts Dahl finally hit a weak ground ball to first base is connected to the hands of the rank and file, since the end of the half step on Lei Bao https://www.maillotsenligne.com Bureau.

The second half of the fourth inning, Rizzo hit a ground ball to second baseman direction are easily blocked in the past 18 innings, the Rockies pitcher Freeland batters to face left, no longer play any shot, and only one RBI. Bai Yezi hit a two seam fastball form a flat-out fly ball; the most 后阿尔莫拉 roll more than the Earth is to the Arena, quickly let it pass out to first base, ending four innings, the two sides still only get 1 point.

Fifth Jushang Ban, Leicester and is an exterior angle Jinlei Carter hit the ball struck the Aienneita; Freeland strikeouts were second, Blackmon ground ball outs, but also on a three-three times half innings, Lester getting better. The second half of the fifth inning, and Conte Las Murphy hit a ground ball outs, respectively, the most https://www.trikotskaufenn.com rational use of Houfulilan the trial of the strike zone, throw the ball struck the slip angle go out to Poti.

Sixth Jushang Ban, a line came to the third round against Leicester increase the kinds of ball, from the second half of the game is mainly stitching speed ball, Carter balls and curve balls, the Council increased the sinker and changeup , LeMay hit a changeup off is blocked out, Arena and more is also rolling out the earth; Storey knocked a center field base hit in the face Huo Ledi to the full number of balls later, or use an exterior angle Carter struck the ball hitter, ending a half innings.

Under the sixth inning and a half, Leicester replaced by Doug Harper, represents the end of his pitching work today; in https://www.mlbtrikot4.com the case of the strike is absolutely dominant, Freeland continuous cast a bad ball, the result will be the Harper walks base; then struck a left Bristol, Bryant hit a fly ball to right field, but Dahl did not receive slightly misjudged the ball on a runner to second base; however scoring opportunities facing the hard-won, Rizzo has hit a record double play to play, the end of the Council.

In the second half of the seventh place, Chavez took the ball and debut. Leicester was over 6.0 bureaus. He was hit by 4 security and lost 1 point. Lose 1 point, and there is no way to attack Luoji, did not get the qualification of https://www.fanartikelsportde.com winning. Chavez faced the first hit Destmond, he was hit by playing, but after the trump of the high-speed ball was killed, the Daysmond rushed the second base to be caught, regretted to kill; then Enen Tower High futures, the bear successfully spent half a game.

In the second half of the seventh place, Freland continues to shoot, because the number of spins is less, at least the situation can be completed. Bayz hit https://www.fanbutikk.com the wildflying ball out, Almora contributed to the base, Murphy hit a high quality of the quality, but was wonderful by the guerrilla, fails to be able to be able to hit; this time The Lan is resected, and the 6.2 bureau has been hit by 4, and there is no loss, send 6 three-oscillated 1 time, win the quality of quality and winning. Ottvino appeared in the face of Kanditras, the first ball broke out, Almora ran on the second base, and then continuously bought Kanditus; and the post-arrest hindle hindered, resulting in a full base situation The bear’s reversal of the score of the score; but the Hayward played in 2 good 2 badly, hit a quick ball of the outer corner, and was hit by Zhenzhen, leaving the restriction of the base.

In the first half of the eighth game, Rosario debut, the four-bad balls passed the Burtra; Blackmon https://www.fanstore2.com
Gaofeng was out; at this time, West Shek was resected to continue to shoot, Leme took the roll between the first and second lines. The earth was killed, and the half ended.

Byez hit Gore, celebrating in the second base

Byez hit Gore, celebrating in the second base

In the second half of the eighth game, Ottvino continued to shoot, Zublemati hit the second base direction rolled out; Blanet waved the air and was shouted by the three oscillars; The speed of high-speed Gore is changed by the generation; Bayiez hits the second base to beat it to the bear, 1-1; Luoki main coach helplessly replaced the Terminator Wade Davis, Successful Sanzhen Almight, the game entered the ninth game.

The first half of the ninth game, Strip debut, 5 balls of three oscillated Arrena; Stori is a hit, Pala rolls out, and finally Dasmond was fell to a good ball. With the central scorpion, the pizza is strong to welcome the half of the chance.

In the second half of the ninth Bureau, Davis continued to shoot, first quoted Murphy, then put the four bad balls of Kanditus, at this time, the bears changed to Schubo, or was out of the bureau; the last Hayward A ball hits the weak earth, and the two sides entered the extended competition.

In the middle of the tenth game, the bears sent a first pitcher Hamels for future aid, although he was hit by Gonzalez, but it was successfully completed three out. The tenth game, Wu Shenghuan played, Zabrich and Bryant rolled the earth, the eighth game received Gore, Zhen Zhen, ten games.

In the first half of the eleventh, Hammeris is facing the center of Rocky, Le Mei is rolled out, Arrena hits a hit, Stori Navy high-speed ball is killed, Pala is selected to four The bad ball is guaranteed, and the two are out of the first and second, and then the Daysmond relies on the crowds of the base; but the Dar rolls the earth, let the bear resolve the crisis.

In the second half of the eleventh, Baoyza was sent to the base, Almora sacrifice successfully promoted the runner, Murphy was automatically guaranteed, and the Kanditus rushed to be blocked in the three bases. All of the replacement adjustments, Kuma Klaneti instead of Hammers hit, Rocky used Rosin to replace Wu Shenghuan, pitcher successfully manufactured, the competition entered the twelfth game.

In the first half of the twelfth game, Hendlix also came to the ball. The bear has sent two first pitcher and returned, and Hendlix quickly completed the three-three-three lower bureau. The second half of the twelfth Bureau, Roshin and Obog jointly completed three outs, and the competition continued to fight.

The 13th Bureau, in the upper half, Hendlix continues to work, have made La Mei Xiu and Arrener’s out, then hit a hit by Storley, Paradia hit the anaters, Stall The three bases, Rockey finally welcomed a part of the machine; Waters continued the third rod hit a hit, Rocky got the leader, 2-1 lead. Subsequently Dra Rosa to Hendelix, three vibrated Dar, Rocky entered the closing game.

Obogg is close to the team. After spending Rocky Terminator Davis and the former Bluebird Terminator Wu Gilong, Rocky finally won

Obogg is close to the team. After spending Rocky Terminator Davis and the former Bluebird Terminator Wu Gilong, Rocky finally won

In the second half of the third bureau, Oubag tried to close the team. First, the three vibrated Gore was first in the number of times. Rocky is victory.

[Two sides starting]

Chicago Wolves Team:

Zhibed right wilder

2. Brines left farmers

3. Record a barrier

4. Bayz guerrilla

5. Almora Chinese and foreign wilder

6. Murphy two base

7. Conterus catcher

8. Potati

9. Leicester pitcher

Colorado Squad:

Blackmont Chinese and foreign wilder

2. Lemeu

3. Arena multi-three bases

4. Stori guerrilla

5. Holdi left outer wilder

6. Day Smond

7. Darn right

8. Aneneta catcher

9. Freland Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The winner of this game will travel to Milwaukee, challenge this season of the National Federation of the Barbards; the winemaker has sprouts this year, and there is excellent playing in the fight. Jerich is the most eye-catching player in the team. The most valuable player of the country is the most valuable player. Powerful competitors, while the winemaker’s cow shed pitcher is also very good, I want to defeat my opponents in the road. It is quite difficult.