Outside the Bears took over Weems suspended two games for fighting! Johnson said the security guard Saints had nothing to do

November 3 News (text / ESPN Mike Triplett compile / Aibo) this week, the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears game, the Bears wide receiver JIA – Weems shot beat the Saints plus security guard CJ- Dana Johnson. Less than 24 hours away from the incident, NFL quickly given the penalty decision, the first shot of Weems was suspended for two games.

A source revealed to ESPN reporter Jeremy – Fowler said Weems has decided to appeal the suspended punishment, the hearing will be held on Wednesday.

Bears wide receiver Weems actually fight with the saints security guard Johnson

Bears wide receiver Weems actually fight with the saints security guard Johnson

As the “injured party” event, Gardner Johnson also interviewed after the game, and refute their argument is the instigator of the event. After a report said the NFL’s official website, Weems said the Bears staff Gardner Johnson to spit on him, then their only shot beat; and although the camera to capture Gardner Johnson had ripped off Weems the mouthguard, and poke outside the Bears took another Anthony – Miller’s face, but he still insists he is innocent.

“It’s none of my business, if he (Weems) have a radical move, that’s his problem.” Gardner Johnson said, “This is not an accident, we finally won the game, out of this the question everyone’s responsibility, he also sprayed a lot of trash, and not said nothing and did nothing. ”

“As we prepare to following the race, we should not be concerned with the game irrelevant things, so I will not answer this problem.” Gardner Johnson said finally. And after the game he also attacked Weems on their own social media, said the other’s behavior as “bitch fight” the same.

This is not the first time Gardner Johnson, a recent beating, and earlier this month the team practice, he was the team’s top wide receiver Michael – Thomas beating. Thomas seems to be coming week to recover from an ankle injury, the result because it was the team of disciplinary action, and even rumors that he would be traded. But still I hope Thomas Gardner Johnson back on the court as soon as possible.

“He is still my teammates, we still respect him. I can not wait to have him back, so we can fight side by side together.” Gardner Johnson said, rattling as “We are not what we imagine, we have a good relationship I can see him every day, so I can not wait for his return to the court. ”

Gardner Johnson passing wind assessment is not very good, incite emotions and love spray trash talking on the label from college with him. When he was at the University of Florida, who after the victory over Florida State University will pennants inserted in the center of the road space; and after last year’s fourth-round pick the team, he is also the team’s game against the Bears laughed at each other running back tower Rick – Cohen height.

Actually become court fighting games!

Actually become court fighting games!

For such a wind assessment, Gardner Johnson also gives his own views. “I was playing football, this is football, not a play house, I do not know what to say about it that’s my style, if not I would not be standing here; so I will not be any people change, how I play, if other people have any behavior, which has nothing to do with me. ”

When asked whether the coach encouraged his opponents to incite emotions such behavior, Gardner Johnson noncommittal, but the Saints coach Sean – Payton has said the teenager will control the security guard scale. “He has a competitive nature,” Payton said. “We have a good team leadership skills can help him, but he was very aggressive style of play, after a brawl, he handled it well he must become clever, understand that this is a long season, there are many games to play, do not be affected by this matter. ”

Compared to the attitude of the Saints, Bears coach Matt – Najib said Zheyi “unacceptable”, and he said he had talked to Weems, Weems and apologize for what happened.

“We talked today,” Najib said in an interview, “out of respect for him, I will not disclose the details of the conversation, not even privately told others, but I really talked to him. For that occur everything, he was sorry that he had learned that no matter what happened, he should not be shot beat. ”