Patriot Jones controversial 抱 热 热 黑 豹 伯斯 期 期 下 下 对

This week, Calorina Black Panther, in the game of New England Patriots, the black Leopard’s defensive end Brien Burns made a patriot four-point guard-Jones, and Jones fell to the ground. The legs of the rest have caused his ankle injury.

Recently, I recently asked whether Berns received apologies from Jones or others, Burns laughed and replied: “There is a apology of certain, but this will not be. I hope to meet them again, when I arrive The defensive group brothers are happy to find them accounts. “

Jones explained behind the game, he worried that Berns would get the ball after being hit, so he will also grab his ankle. “I was hit, I didn’t know what happened at that time. At that time, I thought he got the ball, so I had to complete the hug.”

“When the ball fell out, everything happened very quickly. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, just want to hug him.”

In the recording, Berns shocked Jones from the blind side, took the ball, Jones continued to catch the Burns’s ankle after flying, even if Berns wants to break freely. Burns does not accept Jones explanation. He hurt his ankle and hurt the game. However, he said that he would not absence the game of the Red Sparring of Arizona next week.

After the league, it means that it will follow the relevant procedures to reope with this attack and defense, decide whether to make corresponding punishment measures.