Peterson’s scorpion code reached the history of the ninth 149 yards 2 to help the red skin

This Sunday, the eighth round of the NFL regular season, Washington Hongki International 20-13 lightly takes the New York Giants to take the three consecutive victories to lead the country of China. The team has harvested a victory, and the 33-year-old Adrian Peterson also proved what he could do. The game Peterson once again set a personal milestone, and a ball reached the team’s first record. The last moment of 64 yards were running to remind people that the front alliance code king should not be old.

The game, Adrian Peterson 26 sho pushed 149 yards and 1 mushroom to reach, 1 shot, pushed 7 yards to get up to, the last minute 64 yards of the squad of the ball Team locked the victory. Before the game, Peterson only took 25 yards to exceed the cowboy legendary run Donini-Tott, Ranked ninth in the League Historical Shuishan. Entering the second section, Peterson rushed out of the 5 yard in a piece of attack and breaking this record and at the end of the game, at the end of the game, the NFL scorpion codes were ranked ninth.

This year, Peterson has killed 587 yards and 4 times, with cowboy, Elio, 132 sho, 619 yards, 3 to achieve a result, compared to . In the five games winning this season, Peter Sincer has got 112.2 yards. Today, he also got a 7-yard blessing, this is his first ball since the 2013 season. . At the same time, the last 64 yards of the mushroom reachable is a rush of a rush of the total number of codons since 2015. With this reach, Peterson’s personal career has got 15 more than 50 yards, with Barry Sanders is the first in history.

Peterson grows up in Texas, Palestan, from small is a cowboy fans, and is also excited about breaking Tony Dotch. “This means a lot. He inspired me, becoming a qualified player, they all play an important role in my career, so I am very grateful to them, and hope to continue to exceed the other people on the list.” At present, Peterson is 396 yards from the 8th Eric Dixon, and the 6th place is 821 yards.

In the middle of August this year, the red leather team was mainly ran to Dadgra – Gates ligament torn season reimbursement, so Pieterson was signed from the free market. The teammates said that Peterson brought things to the team not just on the court, more presented. “I mean, you look at his legendary career.” Said Morgan – Moses said: “Some things are self-evident, he is a famous player, his leadership affects the locker room. When you see the age of such as him, the player who is coming back from the injury is still playing, it will warn himself to be more effort. The guy has been more than 30 years old, still not knowing tired run. There is a The great legendary player is a teammate with you, this is really good. “

Peterson’s excellent performance is closely related to the offensive front line, just a few weeks ago, he also bought a bicycle for a front line player. According to statistics, Peterson has reached 20.37 mi / h in the highest speed of 64 yards to the ball in the game, which ranks 8th. Of course, this ball is drifting straight into the outside along the side of the side line, but also reflects his running ability; after 20 more mulled balls, the 64-size ball reachable, its endurance and explosive force can be seen.

“I am a little anxious when I started at the beginning, then I made myself more patience and recovered better after the rhythm.” Peterson said. He had a drop in the game, and he was lost 43 yards by the giant line Wei Oliver. But then Peterson has pushed 37 yards 7 times, then the 64-bit quilt.

5-2 Red Leather Team rides a dust in Guandong District, next they will welcome the country Nan Shuangxiong Atlantan and Tampawan pirates, the defensive row of the two teams, Peterson has the opportunity to face their own Milestones continue to move.

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