Pre-super bowl MVP transaction on the fear causes the butterfly effect which quadrants or changing face?

John Elvi brought an experienced old quarter-saving for Denver wild horses. On February 14, Beijing time, he agreed to send a draft of the wild horse to Baltimore, in exchange for the former super bowl MVP Joe – Fla division. The fans generally believe that this is just an Alvi’s hand, he likes to use some of the old people who have proven to lead the team. After the introduction of Case-Kanna, the arrival of Joe-Vlaco seems to be a bit. Room, but also feel very surprised.

The so-called multi-body, the wild horse can be described as starting the first shot of the four-point battle in the market, and other teams have to get busy. For crows, they determine that the young Ramar Jackson will develop tactics, so this transaction has little effect on them. Several four defigues from alliances, from Nikan to Nick Follus to Elays Manning, there is reason to pay close attention to the four-guards in the 2019 market. Below we are predicting the chain reaction of the Fraco joining the wild horse.


There is no doubt that Vlaco is the greatest in Denver, Nakan. Just a year ago, Alvi had just brought him back from Minnesota to the wild horse and signed a contract worth two years of $ 36 million. Now, Nakan has been placed on the shelf and publicly seeks the transaction. Taking into account the coach Pat-Sheruel used Kasi-Kasiki in the 2017 season (At that time, the Gulin offensive group coach), the giant team became the potential top of Niki. Of course, this requires a giant team to give up the 38-year-old Elays Manning, which looks unlikely, but it is not completely impossible. In addition, Jacksonville American Tiger is also possible to become the next stop in Kana. These teams are seeking a first quarter-off, and the John John’s coach John Diffili is in Kannan. Don pulling. Don’t forget Houston Texas, they need to find a reliable replacement to Deten Watson.

Elays Manning

In fact, before Vlaco went to the wild horse, he was most likely to be considered a New York giant. The head coach Shemer seems to look at Fraco, and believe that Vlaco is the safest choice. However, the giant team does not mean that they don’t mean that they do not have “second programs”. First of all, if Case-Kannan enters the market, why can’t you learn a short-term contract before you learn, then find a long-term quadrant? This is a better solution that continues to rely on Little Manning. If Nakan is not a giant, Nick Fall is considering a ha? Compared with Little Manning, Falls undoubtedly more prospects. To be a bold forecast: The giant team will “take the tiger” to the Justukou, and then send Little Manning to the American tiger, just give the old friend Tom-Coflin face.

Nick Falls

After Fragra deals, the name of the Falls is the most in other quarters. Since the wild horse will first start to confirm the Gluco, this makes Falls become the fragrance, it can be said that now Falls is the four-dimensional best candidate on the market. But from another level, the wild horse quits this year’s four-point guards, the Jagua is more eager for Falls. However, the quarter-saving market is relatively limited, unless a team suddenly demonstrates its original four-point guard, there is only a few teams, giants and Washington’s red skin team to compete.

Teddy Bridgewater

Unless the Miami Sea Dolphin Changes the idea, it is decided to cross a knife in the 2019 four-defense market, otherwise the quarterition like Bridgewater should not be affected by the Frach transfer. The Dolphin is really looking for a second quarter, but their starting candidates are still Ryan-Tannyhill. Now, the dolphins cannot pursue Falls, and there is still a possibility of throwing a few glasses with Kitan. Bridgewort’s probability will become the next east’s substitute quarterfield, which is unlikely to serve.

Alex – Smith

We have learned that Washington’s red skin main quartz-Smith may, because leg injury continues to absence the 2019 season, Vlaco is traded to the wild horse to make this problem more difficult. First, Flaco’s candidate list in the red skin, but now he can’t put on the red robes, and the red skin needs to continue to find Smith’s alternative. Nick Fols is a good choice, they have to grab the America tiger. Case-Kannan also entered the scope of Hongki, he could become a team’s long-term quarter-off until they found a more suitable candidate.