Quarterback Brady ranked only ninth columns Yin Zhengyi only two men to row before him

The new season is getting closer, major US media and sports reporters began to get busy. Recently, NBC famous sports reporters – Chris Simms made a quarterback TOP40 ranking list, in order to create suspense, the list of quarterbacks who in turn released forward from the back. Beijing time on June 21, this list has finally entered the TOP10, however, when people see G.O.A.T – Tom Brady when only ranked ninth, Patriots fans fryer.

Almost all the fans and supporters of the New England Patriots have a consensus that even if – Tom Brady is old, but his strength was absolute elite level, NFL quarterback five strongest in the list. However, there is one do not think so, Simms gave Brady is ranked ninth, just over the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew – Brisbane with a higher one.

As you might expect, the ranking Sims quickly has been questioned, including one former rival Brady. Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt – Warner Brady and Brisbane ranked so low was incredible. “What are you kidding me?” Warner said.

Sims on Twitter explained the reasons he gave Brady and Brisbane ranking: “I respect the views of Mr. Warner, but this is my point of view I’m at work, yes, I just think that these two legendary quarter. Wei now can only be discharged with the ninth tenth if you have doubts, then the data can explain everything very well “with Houximusi added:”.. my view is that any row in front of Brisbane with Brady quarterback, if they are saints or the effectiveness of the Patriots, will also be successful. this is a team sport, not to be ranked according to the team wins, not everyone can have a quarterback Sean – Payton, Bill – Biliqieke or Josh – Macdaniels coach like this, of course, Brady and Brisbane is great. “

There are fans pointed out that the Patriots do set up a great system around Brady, but Brady is not a system quarterback. If you do not believe, please take a look at the American League 2018 season final against the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth quarter and overtime, when I ask Which quarterback can withstand the pressure when behind in the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime, and in the face of three-block 10 yards in overtime three times, all successful conversion.

Last season, Brady’s pass to hand over a 65.8% hit rate, advancing 4355 yards 29 touchdowns and 11 steals answer. This data is already very good, although some people think Brady performance decline, it is because he was in the 2017 season, too super god. Even so, he ranked No. 9 is unreasonable. “I think he was 42 years old, will play top-ranked quarterback Brady can not complete the attack.” Sims explains.

Currently, this list has not been fully revealed, through the rest of the characters to judge, only the top quarterback Patrick 6 – The Macho Williams, Aaron – Rogers, Russell – Wilson, the – Rod Rees and Andrew Borg – Mubarak, ranked seventh and eighth respectively Matt – Ryan and Kanmu – Newton. Considering the Bristol half of the body seems to decline after the 2018 season, he was ranked tenth can understand. Brady in the playoffs is still robust, if we really want to find out more Bibuleidi quarterback, seems Macho Williams and Rogers are the only two qualified, others are not convincing.

With age, more and more voices outside Brady. But the playoffs last season Tu lightning, off road chiefs, Super Bowl victory over the mighty universe sheep, now about 42-year-old Brady will be marching towards his seventh Super Bowl in the new season.

Well, Brady is too old.