Regret of the sea Sman award is still ignorant! Black Leopard star runs McCaffrey will usher in the battle of the famous name

November 2 (Wen / ESPN David Newton Compile / Love) NFL This round will usher in a wave of groups, and the Carolina Blager team compared to the intensity of the Tenna West Titan, seems to It is not attractive.

However, this competition is a little extraordinary for the Black Leopard Star, and Christian McCaffrey is a little extraordinary; it is time to prove some things in some people who have no eyes in the past.

It was a matter of some Chen Zhiji, but DERRICK HENRY won it equivalent to the University Season MVP Awards in 2015 – The Hsman Awards at this time can not be discussed. .

Who remembers who the second place in the Hesman award selection after Henry? It is McCaffrey.

Although I have been over for four years, I mentioned this, McCarre seems to be indignant. Even in the team running guards in analyzing the University of Allabama, praise the operation of the Nick Saban of Alabama Caban;

McCaffrey said: Forget it, don’t let me listen to these! (Delhi Henry is from the University of Alabama)

Today, McCarere still thinks he should get the Hesman award in that year. You know, his continued 3684 yards in our year! Breaking the record of the comprehensive propulsion code of Barry Sanders!

Although it was he was just a sophomore at Stanford University running back.

Hold the same view when he was at Stanford University as well as running backs coach Lance – Taylor (Lance Taylor), he believes the results of the year award Heisman is clearly “twist” of.

Similarly, when McCarthy Frey’s team-mate – and now plays for the 49ers defensive midfielder striker Salomon – Thomas (Solomon Thomas) also said that Fred McCarty did not get that year’s Heisman, simply “sea Tasman trophy of shame. “

“That year the award was embarrassed, tell the truth.” Thomas said. Of course, although the grievance for the former college teammate, but Thomas did not let the Panthers last week, where Fred McCarthy in his team who for cheap.

Coincidentally, just this week, ushered Henry McCarty Frey and direct dialogue, which will allow busybodies former Heisman stir things up.

Many voters had to understand why Fred McCarthy will defeat Heisman so to heart. Even if things in the past for a long time, ESPN college football reporter Adam – Litengboge still fresh in my memory.

“It was difficult to find media people not to vote McCarthy Frey, when almost all of the media who gave him the ticket.” Litengboge said, “That year saw all the games people will see who’s that for a ball team affect more people;

No disrespect meant for Henry, he is a great player, but it is clear who is the best player in that session is self-evident. “

Although Litengboge say this, but the results unfortunately. Although McCarthy Frey got 290 first ballot, a second ballot 246, 177 of the third ballot, a total of 1539 points;

But Henry is clearly superior, first to get 378 votes, 277 votes second, 144 third ballot, a total of 1832 points. Incidentally, when the Heisman third place in what is now fast Texans quarterback DeShawn – Watson (DeShaun Watson).

The beauty in the eye

We need to clarify that has nothing to do with Henry McCarty Frey himself to the resentment of this award.

That Henry’s season as well, he also broke a record – single-season rushing 1932 yards broke Herschel – Walker (Herschel Walker) to maintain long record of 1891 yards, and he rushed the number of times the ball has Bi Woke less 58 times.

Perhaps the key to influence the votes of that record, Henry was followed by the University of Alabama killing four, all the way to win the title. However, Stanford University, where McCarthy Frey then lost two games, including a first-round loss to Northwestern University.

Fred McCarthy and many of the game is held at night on the West Coast, East Coast time has entered the sleep time; there are coalition strength, PAC12 is clear that there is a certain gap with the SEC.

But ESPN college football analyst Chris – Labor has expressed a different view. “Let’s face it, Heisman Award is awarded to the best team, the most prominent contribution, that the best performing players.

“Hold similar views as well as Fox Sports college football columnist Bruce – Feldman, when he gave Henry the first ballot, but he does not deny Fred McCarty also excellent in fact, hold these contradictory views. people are not a minority at the time.

“I put on the first ballot to Henry, but you know Fred McCarty is a great player.” Feldman said, “This not the first time, like Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning ) in 1997 did not get Heisman, whom reasoning go ah? “

Peyton – Manning at that time Heisman Award in lost time at the University of Michigan cornerback – and later played for the Raiders and Packers cornerback Charles legendary – Woodson (Charles Woodson).

Frederick Henry McCarty and this can become a triumph in the NFL “temporary titans”, also need to be verified by time.

Hero but unfortunately Heroes

Four years as fleeting, NFL world is changing. Henry did not win the Heisman help a good pick, he was selected in the third round of the year was only the Titans, but also to start DeMarco – Murray (Demarco Murray) playing off the bench.

Fraser and McCartney after two years was selected eighth overall in the first round of the Panthers, then became a college-like, such as all-around weapon.

Today, Fred McCarthy has been one of the regular season MVP contender, comprehensive after advancing a few yards 1078 yards Darwin – Cook (Dalvin Cook), but he played a game less than Cook. Even so, 735 yards rushing yard also let him ranked fourth in the league.

In contrast, Henry although there are thousands of miles away from the MVP, but he also played well this season, eight games have got 581 yards rushing yardage and five rushing touchdowns. And integrated propulsion yardage 709 yards also let him ranked 14th in the league.

Facts may not be as tense media rendering, even when the original Heisman award, Fred and Henry McCarty also live together in New York for some time. Now, they are not surprised by the success of both parties.

“McCartney Frey is a great player, one of the league’s best player.” Henry said, “He can do anything, but also washed away, but the ball, and even protecting the quarterback is also full of strength he is a jack of all trades. I hope he can continue to be successful, of course, except against us. “

Similarly, Henry McCarty Frey is also a fan. “I’m not shocked by his current performance, you can see on the video, he is a genius; he was physically strong, washed away is also very good, I am very happy to see his success.”

Of course, this does not include witnessing Henry got the Heisman. “If he did not win, he will be very angry.” Scarlett Panthers rookie running back said, “Henry is his rival, if I had replaced him at the University of Alabama, it was not his Heisman none other, no doubt, he was biased.

But he now won another opportunity, a chance may enter the Hall of Fame. “