Return to NBA Dream? Xiao Tobass’s self-exposure goals: I love basketball, may consider going overseas!

On November 29, Beijing time, in a 2023 World Cup qualifier, the US team wins the Cuba team at 95:90. The front NBA star Xiaoba is exerted, and the game is 24 minutes and 28 seconds, 20 shots 7, of which three points 11 in 4, free throw 5 3, and the total will get 21 points and 1 rebound 3 assists 1 steals.

In the last season, Xiao Tomas once appeared 3 times for the Dick, after he left the NBA. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been carried out for 40 days, and Xiao Tomas still did not get a NBA contract.

After the end of the game today, Xiaoba was interviewed, he revealed his own plan, he said: “My ultimate goal is to return to NBA. Because I still fond of basketball. If NBA is no longer a choice, then I have to look at the opportunities of overseas. I still love competition, love basketball games. “

Earlier this earlier, Cossins and Bucks reached a contract, which made Xiao Tobassy with the same person, and he expressed his blessings to
Coss in social media, he wrote: “This is really great.” NS!”

Yesterday, Xiao Tomas also wrote on social media: “I like to play basketball too! I will return to the game at all costs! Seeing a lot of people who don’t love basketball or don’t work hard again. Opportunity, then waste, this makes me more painful! “

During the entire NBA career, Xiaobassard can get 18.1 points 2.4 rebound 4.9 assists, once in all star lineups, 1 NBA’s best lineup 2 team.