Rocket recall 3 new star! Wood will be traded for Shen Jing, Salas talks about Wall return prospects

After 15 games, the Rockets got 2 consecutive victories, let the team re-see hope, of course, this kind of hope is not the hopes, but in the process of running, you can see the team lineup. , Play and players can win the hope of some games. After 2 consecutive victories, the Rockets also passed several news, all related to the team’s future lineup.

1, recall 3 young players

Before the game with the Thunder, the Rocket announced the recall of 3 young NSA Garbaba, Christopher and Dai Shen – Knicks, which was previously placed to the development of the Rocket, the purpose to let them have more play. Opportunity, get more exercise. Garbab is the 23rd show this year. Christopher is a show of 24, and Knicks is a decision show, a two-way contract with a rocket. In the past two games, Salas made adjustments to lineup rots, and the inner Thai was abandoned and activated to attack the team, and the three young players were recalled, except for the right legs, it has been determined to fight Garba. In addition, two young players are likely to get an opportunity to get.

2, Wood Tais will be placed on the shelf

The Rockets have been able to win, and Tes is quite embarrassing, because the previous rocket offense has not been able to play the expected effect, but after the Rockets withdraw the first, the Rockets have a large four-small lineup thoroughly activated the team’s attack. Wood also played more calm, once again played the quasi-star performance last season. And Wood made such performances, meaning that his trading value will increase, although Tes seems to be uncomfortable with the rocket system, his ability is there, and there will be a team willing to take over him to increase the inner line, not to mention him The contract is not high.

According to NBA reporter Ao Konner, Wood attracted the attention of multiple teams in the trading market. Once there is a suitable offer, the Rocket will choose to send him away, and Tes also caused some team trading interest. The rocket chooses to send Wood and Tes, the purpose is to give Shen Jing to the road. Although ShenIn is only a rookie, the potential he presents is a happy, let the rocket will send Wood, gamble on him.

3, Sierrat talks about Wall return outscape

Wall will meet with the rocket management and coach in recent days, expressing their willingness to re-play. The Rocket Sales of Rockets responded to this during an interview. He said: “Wall has begun to retrieve the game state, but at least a few weeks will be able to go to the field, he has been in charge of personal training.”

As can be seen from Sierra, the possibility of returning to the game is still very big, although some media revealed that Wall wants to fight, the response of Sellas is still very optimistic, in him It seems that Wal has begun to retrieve the status, it is likely that it will be able to debut after a few weeks.

It is not difficult to see from these news, the next rocket line can have a small change, from the use of new people, and potential transactions, there is also the possibility of Wolle returns, at least, the current Rocket There is no fixed lineup rotation, the team is still exploring.