Salers, 6 times in this season, winning in two digits in the backward, Dong Chic: I am really happy to return to the game.

The Saler’s Herit Sergeant defeated the Clippers at 112-104.

According to statistics, this is the sixth day of the Supreme Heroes in the next sixth place, and they have a total of 7 times last season.

This field, the vendor has a maximum of 11 points behind the ship.

Saler away 112-104 beat the bus.After the game, the Supreme Player Luka-Echoco received a media

Talking about the feelings of the
return, Dong Chickens said: “In the psychological level, I am really happy to return to the game, I miss the basketball.”

East Chicchi also admitted the first game of injury, he was tired in the overtime game, but he was really eager to play.

Dong Chic said that he felt great when he had warm-up training before the game and finally decided to play.

In this game, East Chicchi 21st Virgin 9, get 26 points 9 rebounds 9 assists.