Shuangcheng, aid, shoulder surgery, completely reimburse or because of injury, 2020 season

(Text / ESPN / Barnio) Minnesota Shuangcheng has locked the name of the name of the United States, but they have encountered a small blow in this time – the rehabilitation pitcher Sam – Dyson (Sam Dyson ) I can’t contribute to what I have made in the playoffs.

On September 26, Beijing time, Sam Dai Sen started shoulder surgery, his 2019 season ended, and even more unfortunately, this pitcher was not fixed, and it may even missed the entire 2020 season.

This week, Dai Sen received shoulder joint capsule repair surgery in California. For this post-aid pitcher, the Shuangcheng Coach Rocco-Baldley said that Dai Sen could not be determined to return, but it was certain that Daisen was able to regain the baseball after at least one year. Start recovery exercises.

“I am very disappointed, I feel sad about his encounter, this is part of his career, however, when you see any player, it will be sad.” Baldley said.

During this year’s trading window, the Shuangcheng team traded with San Francisco giants, and the Shuangcheng paid three small alliance young players, got Sam Daisen from the giants. However, after Join Minnesota, Dai Sen has entered the injury list in the week, so far, Dai Sen only came to the double city team 12 times.

Obviously, this transaction is very unfained by the two-city team, as the team’s Chief Baseball Operations of Drek Falvey, they are very disappointed. “Of course, I have to say that this is very frustrated. Because in the first few weeks, he felt over the team, in a certain period of time, he found a certain state. But in general, This is a difficult course, especially for this transaction, it is not satisfactory. “

Since September 3, Dai Sen has no longer playing the Shuangcheng team of Minnesota. In the first half of this season, Dear is very good in the time of the San Francisco giant team, he has a total of 49 pitching 51 games, winning the results of 4 wins and 1 defeat. The moiety reached 2.47.

However, after coming to the double city team, Dai Sen only intermitted 12 times in succession 11.1 bureau, three vibrations, sent 6 guarantees, the self-blame rate soared to the horrible 7.15, let the Double city team’s coach group and management It is very helpless.

When it comes to this, Farwi said that he introduced a player and in the offense period, and then introduced a player after deep thinking during the offset period. This is a completely different two things. “In fact, some players have joined a new team when they across the United States, there is no physical examination in advance. This is prone to some problems. But we give Daren’s medical examination, medical personnel and trainer assessment Once, I have to know that the response was great. “