Solid! Parkins anger, weighing: Don’t keep your three pairs, hurry to win the lead!

On November 25th, Beijing time, NBA regular season Lakers challenge the pedestrian game, and Wei Shao’s front teammate in the Thunder Pavins when attending the program “first Take”, criticized Wei Shao this season in the lakes. Performance.

Parkins said: “Isn’t it important now that it is three times, can you wake up? Can you lower your mistakes? Can you lower your mistakes? Can you really lead the team on the court?” Parks also specially speaking, Paul, Head, he talks: “When you look at Paul, look at Wei Shao, the difference between the two is Paul’s play team can win. In addition, Parkins also mention The player to Los Angeles is not enough focus, to take an announcement, take a movie, and even shoot a documentary, but the winning of the winning is a sacrifice.

The rest of the tour, the Lakers can be a heavy loss, but not only send
the chips of Kuzma + Harrell + Pop’s chips, but also refused Drazan and Hilde’s joinions, this Lakers Wei Shao has a very high expectation. As a result, the Lakers wait for the heart, Kuzma and Harrer play the water in the style, Durzan is in the bulls such as fish, and the Hilder has 4-year-old League, the second, Wei Shao Field All 4.9 Failure League Second.

Since the season, Wei Shandi representative Lakers participated in 19 games, which can contribute to three pairs of 5.5 rebounds 9.7 assists, but the hit rate is only 43.6%, and the free throw rate is 30.2%. The key is that the field is 4.9 times. The net efficiency on the field is -5.4, the positive and negative value on the field is -3.7, which means that when he is present, the Lakers are pockets.

Wei Shao’s three pairs of three pairs of three and 189 times, it is already the first, and he got 4 three pairs of three times this season, and the first place, but Wei seems to have a unique closure of three pairs or feelings, when the whole team When you defense outside, you will see that Wei Shao is preparing to rebound in the basket, and he has frequent mistakes, many of them are passing, or there is no necessary pass. (Many times at the crucial moment of the game, Wei Shao continued to make mistakes, leading to the team to fall into passive situation)

Of course, we can’t criticize the power. At some moment, he still stands out in the game, he is standing in the leader, such as the Lakers away reverses the game, Wei Shao’s fourth section 15 points 6 assists, such as Lakers The passenger is not enemy, the Lakers dig the big pit at the opening of the node, and Wei Shao is almost spreaded in the third section, which is the highlight of the Wei Shao, but there is too little at this moment.

James was absent from 9 games because of the injury, Davis is also a big injuries, and the ability to be small, with the lake’s lineup, he can lead the team to win a part of the game, but now It is not that we imagined, he is time to make some sacrifices for the team win.