Space people’s eyes defensive pitcher were sprayed by the ball, the snakes were strange to fight the flying ball.

On September 15th, Beijing time, Houston spaceman was at home at 2-4, lost to Yalaana, the snake. First, Pitcher Dallas – Kagl is hit by AJ-Poly Keque, the left shoulders, the post-aid pitcher, Extto – Londong, defending the Nick Amed, Josh-Redick, Ma Wen-Gang Sales and Steven – Sinaza are contributing God defense. However, George – Springer and Steven-Sina have issued a question on the main trial in the world. Paul Gold Schmidt is surprised to open the mirror on the exterior wall.

Space people eye God defensive Plug-for hand

Space Man Walling 1st Bat, Springer, in the second half, in the face of the tension snake first pitcher Robie – thunder shot out to play, happy to clapping it. However, Springer is a bit emotional out of control in the second half, first is active because inertia directly squatting helmet is funny, and after the total number of times is half-half, the result is being taken by Robbie – Lei Sanzhen out of the bureau. Spruli is hit by a low ball temptation to hit the ground, and it can be at least four rounds of ball.

George – Springer also happened in the second half of the seventh place. At that time, the two or three bases were a full bicycle. It was originally thought that at least the opportunity to be guaranteed, the result was the Brad Qigler Senuctuary. This judgment of the main trial is very unhappy. Spring is rumored to the main trial, but unfortunately did not win change. Replacing the arrest of Brian McAn, showing the funny side, avoiding the hills of the navigation, hiding the ball, slightly praise, and hurting the earth.

Dallas, who was first pitcher first, was slightly unlucky. At the uppermost half of the second game, he was blocked by AJ-Poolock, and it was good to continue to start. Space man wants to disintegrate the snake and wart, do not hesitate to consume cowshed. In the first half of the 7th game, they will replace Qiao-Smith, Tony Xip and Extor-Londong three pitcher. – Descaso. London excitement from the court, even as a face of the image head.

As a defending champion, the spaceman in this game, a repeated contributing to the hobs of the snakes repeatedly contributed a wonderful defense. Josh-Redke’s high-speed balls that were striped by Nick Ameide in the first game, and the pretty positioning of the ball was confiscated during the retreating process, and even the back is accidentally hit into the perimeter. There is no longer, and it is the upper half of the 6th game. For Steven Suza’s solid hitting, the end of the side of the extreme stretching the arm to complete the air to fly the birds, and the same because the inertial brakes are directly hitting the wall .

Since George, Springer, Springer, Springer, is suspected of injury, Ma Wen Gonzale is adjusted from left field, in the middle of the 9th game, the solid Schmidt Hitting, the same is to fly the extreme stretch body to confiscate the flat flipball. In fact, there is no impressiveness of the wonderful premium of space people, even the big uncle fans who are wearing orange shirt are not willing, Jose – Outuvi stabilizes the top of the strikes in the third game. It is this uncle fans who have been physically healthy.

“Eye defensive” is usually referring to the anti-conservatory, it is not serious, but it does not seriously, but in the fighting snake does show the deterrent effect. After the first half of the 8th game, he went out of the second base by Nick Ameide, and immediately faced the Kitter-Mart attack and relaxed. To run the three bases, Amedi, forcing Amed to give up the barrier returning to the second base. After Long Dong, I would like to kill Martt and got this precious number.

Surprising and flying ball stealing mirrors are not a person

The space man stands at the left field, standing on the wall of the two billboards. The team came to participate in the contest, and the defenders were afraid of hurt, but even at this past year training, the host is also facing the same troubles. Gold Schmidt knocked out the second base in the first game, Ma Wen-Gonzalez and George – Spring Gexiang quickly positioned, staring at landing rebound, preparing to grab it again. Unfortunately, the baseball instantly disappears no trace. It turned out that the high-tech bomb was attached to the outer wall and guarded to drive to the second or three bases.

In addition to this strange ball, there is also the same strange blow, and the support pitcher Extu-Londong is on the 8th game, the ball is brought to Qiong – Jie knocks unexpectedly broken, the crack cracks are reversed to make the baseball flight trajectory deviation The baseball, which is expected to be out of bounds, from the world, returning to the boundary, put the unlucky Yuri Gurier does not respond, but let Joan Jie pass through the second base directly to the top, even Joan – Jay himself couldn’t help but smile, thereby remembering the official website as a three-base play and ran back.

The snake pitcher and catcher are all high-risk occupations, Achi-Bradley is scared by the accidental tranquil – Martis scare the sweat, but fortunately, it is not accidentally injured. Disease, immediately apply for the emotions of Pradley to Pradee, and opposes Edward – Escoba is not so lucky, he is in the middle of the 9th game to Will Harris, but directly The rebound ball is directly smashed, and the pain is difficult but also needs to continue to shoot for the snake.

Steven Suza in the first half of the 8th game, when we celebrated the number of times, he was actively waved by the main trial punishment, which was very depressed. Just as explained the guest Wu Hao, today, the penalty of today’s main trial is not a person. Although Suza did not usher in the expected rejgis, the second half of the second half refused to play, with the rollover ball to send the Alex Bregman, and even the idea that the guest Wu Hao is praised this God defense. The action can be described as an inert.