Steel people legendary line to complete 227 kg bedback! Can this strong be returned to the game?

If you say that I will refer to the tough guilty representative of the Pittsburgh Stebcom, you may think of the seriously injured beast line Wei Len-Shazur; however, some of the deaths that follow the steel people will give different answers. Even Shazil himself also admired five-part-garacted part of this player – James Harrison. Since 2002, the wild beast is started in 2002, and the vast majority of his sports career will be given to this team; and he is well-known, in addition to the murder of the ground. There is also the “mystery of the mystery” outside the game. Even after retiring in 2017, he did not relax the requirements of his own body, but changed. According to TMZ Sports reporters, Harrison completed a personal record in a gym on Tuesday. This weight is equivalent to 226.8 kg, namely 453 pounds! Equivalent to 2 large-capacity to open the refrigerator! Harrison did not have completed this weight even before retiring, but he once again surprised the chin. He surprised to add 10 ring chips on the barbell, then add some small bell, so that the entire barbell weight reached 500 pounds; then … he completed this zhuang. He lifted 500 pounds of barbells and then returned the barbell without any help.