Steelers season to renew Sha Zeer Jagged tough guy looking to reproduce the stadium, "Steelers spirit."

Pittsburgh Steelers recently has been criticized, Brown went out from Bell transaction, the management team is generally considered the lack of human touch. However, the sum of their latest operation will improve their image somewhat, it is learned, it has decided to let the team recovering from serious injuries linebacker Ryan – Sha Zeer remain in the roster, despite the defensive midfielder in 2019, on behalf of the team still can not play in the match.

Steelers on Tuesday announced they will sign a contract with Sha Zeer 2019 season, which means Sha Zeer quite able to get his salary in service life. But more importantly, the Steelers this move will allow Sha Zeer continue to accumulate pension income for his players, and he and other active players will enjoy the same medical insurance services.

Since December 2017 against the Bengals game after trying to grapple lead to spinal injuries, Sha Zeer it since wearing a Steelers jersey can appear in the middle of the game, although he accepted in spinal stabilization surgery shortly after the game, but currently still in a long recovery period. The 2014 first-round pick of the team strong linebacker in 2016–2017 was selected to the Pro Bowl twice in four years he contributed 299 career tackles, seven sacks, seven interceptions and seven fumbles manufacturing , called Full Spectrum warrior. His rookie contract expires after the 2018 season, complete the contract, then he has bid farewell before the NFL if the Steelers do not officially open in the free agent market.

Steelers general manager Kevin – Kevin Colbert said, leadership and emotional support force Sha Zeer is his team decided to stay for two main reasons. He said in a statement: “We will continue to support efforts to return to the game and Ryan made although he can not help us in the game in 2019, but his leadership, insight and emotional support for us. He said to have been very valuable, and we look forward to his contribution in the course of our pursuit of the championship. ”

Colbert Zhefan rhetoric is not polite greeting, Sha Zeer does in fact give the team support as much as possible outside the stadium. In the 2018 NBA Draft, when he accompanied totter onto the stage to announce the first round of selection Steelers, the audience burst into thunderous applause; and in the last season, the Steelers home games, Sha Zeer also repeatedly the team arrived at the scene of the brothers moral support. In every age, the Steelers do not lack Jagged tough guy, and Sha Zeer is undoubtedly the most in recent years, “Steelers spirit” representative.

Moreover, Sha Zeer speed of recovery so many people surprised, he often release information about his recovery on his social media. The former want to let opponents in the game whom deadly tough guy linebacker early recovery, and even be able to return to the game.