Strive to be a rural resonance "Lead Yand" Sichuan Zigong Beach "First Secretary" leads the villagers to develop a big armor in 400 acres of wasteland

As a large number of professional teams came down, Chinese football came to the situation of “scattering”. Karnavaro has just completed the Guangzhou team to understand the contract, the physical coach of the team Ji’an Piero Want Ronny, and has already entered the super-powered brigade. This experience coach in the middle and super-mixing has been well received by the outside world, and it is also believed that his ability is also played in the five major leagues. On the other side, the old friend of Chinese football, in the interview

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Guangzhou team physical coach to tempolize

As the top 10 high-paying coach, Karnavaro, who had ranked 10 high salary, was finally in 2021, “Peace Breakup”. Fans were very dissatisfied with his 3 years, let the Guangzhou team’s king’s style is unfair. After leaving this time, Carnavaro travels in Italy, and his former partners have found new work. Wentroni Football Shirts Wholesale has followed the Juventus coach. After that, he successively worked in Barry, Lvo, Atlanta. In 2019, as Carnavo served as the energy coach in Guangzhou, the team’s injury was more severe, but the physical fitness of the player had a certain increase.

In September 2021, Wentroni left the Guangzhou team with Carnavaro. At recent recent, the British superiverseware brightened brutal horses, the coach of Kong Tati, the name of Wintroni is in column. It is reported that Kongti and Manchester United Jersey Ji’an itself are also very good friends. We also believe that Wintroni can put their own coal education, from the super “seamless connection”. Guangzhou team fans can also once again witness the trend of the coach in the European League.

Lin: Chinese football has returned 20 years ago

With the poor opening of the Chinese men’s feet in the Mbappé Jersey “12” Tournament, a large number of fans began to miss the “savior” in the previous world. In 2012, this is a short-year-old tenth day, in just a year and a half, helping the team to win the first AFC champion in Chinese football history. In 2015, Luke officially left the Guangzhou team in 2017 to replace Gao Hongbo in charge of Chinese men’s football. At that time, the Chinese men’s football team was unhappy. In the “12” competition, it was basically in advance, but in the coaching of Ribo, he also defeated the Korean team’s advancement, and the Lipper continued to obtain the qualification of the team.

The good scene is not long, in the 2022 Qatar World Cup 40, the Lipper can’t overcome the Philippines and Syria, causing him to leave. Nowadays, under Li Tie’s coaching, Chinese men’s football team continued to enter the dead end in the “12” game, and also let Lipper once again appeared in everyone’s sight. He accepted in an interview that now Chinese football seems to return to 20 years ago, the football is shrinking, and there will never have a powerful Brazilian player to come.

The so-called “wind blown chicken eggshell, and exhaust people”. The Chinese football has an unprecedented crisis under the manipulation of “manager”. A large number of teams have entered the closing process, even the club with championship. In addition, China Men’s Square is in jeopardy in the “12 Question”, the Super League is cut.have toCrush. Therefore, Chinese football retired for 20 years, and foreign teachers left China and started a new football.

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