Super bowls are still frequently regret that 49 people said that there is no problem with tactics.

February 7th (Wen / ESPN NICK WAGONER Compilation / White) San Francisco 49 people head coach Kyle Sanahan, usually does not use social media, but when his team is in the 54th super bowl After reversal, there is another way to listen to his evaluation of the outside world: SMS. On February 6, local time, Samunhan and General Manager John Lynch attended the press conference. He said that after the team defeated the Green Bay package in the National Union championship, he received more than 200 text messages, most of whom said his and 49 people.

Last Sunday, the 49th game of Super Bowl, 49 people were reversed by Kansas City chiefs in the Kansas City. After the game, Samunhan was also received by about 200 text messages. Most of them asked him how to ask him. Asked if he was still good, or people said they still believe him. Despite all this, Salunhan did not feel sorry for his performance in the game, and insisted that the criticism of the outside world would not affect him.

“I have lost a super bowl, and then we have a bigger leading advantage to lose, so I am very clear that this means. I personally think that we are the best team of NFL this year, but we don’t have Be the best, so we have a problem to solve. I believe that we have done it, we should do better in the super bowl, but we don’t. This is the cruelty of competitive sports, it can hurt you Can also bring you happiness. “

After losing to the chief, buy a lot of accused Directs Directs Direct, Jimmy Garoppolo, as Salunhan said, considering that they are the core of the team, so they must Take more pressure. Some people question 49 people in the second quarters. At that time, 49 people Verde Fred-Warner was critical to the chief of the Namian-Willians (Damien Williams), so that the chief is facing 4 files in this 49 yards. . But at this time, only 1 minute is left, and the Salunam did not choose to pause.

We saw it by playing, when Lynch sat anxiously called suspension, but Samunhan didn’t do this, the final chief consumed half a minute, when 49 people got the ball, only 59 seconds. On Thursday, Salunam said that if he can come back, he will still adhere to the original choice. He worried that the emirate discarded Sentine-Colequac will kick the ball to the 49-person front code line, and the post-chief uses the pause of 49 people, and scores before half. Colequiri’s abandoning kicks almost within 5 yard lines, but the Chief Stage group cooperates with mistakes, lets the ball into the end area, 49 people launch an attack at the 20 yards.

At this time, Samunan is also entitled with pavement. His explanation is to win the number of codes first, then make more aggressive blows, the worst case is to consume time. George Kittle did completed a 42-yard wonderful ball, but was sentenced to attack and interfered with a foul. Regardless of how to say, 49 people still have 10-10 flat, and Samunhan is very satisfied with this result. He said that he would not make a mistake to the season in the season, causing the team to lose.

“I called the tactics,” Salunam said: “But I don’t think there is anything wrong. I sometimes call tactics when I face the three-speed 10 yards, then our scorpion efficiency is 7 yards. I like to call the tactics because he can guarantee the watch while advancing. “When asked if he gave him a chance, while the Samunan did not say. But he said that if Gallo Pollivo will be able to be piloted to Emanuel Sanders, then he is called to pause. But that is a pass, 49 people face four files.

Salunan also tried to Garluolo, the latter quarterfielding in the fourth quarter was only 5.6 points. Salunam said that he is the same as the super bowl of feelings. He believes that his quadrant has entered a state in the last few games, preparing for the super bowl, and eligible for superb bowl MVP. “Jimmy is one of the heroes we entered into the super bowl.” Salunam said: “He overcomes many difficulties, this is just the first complete season of his career. He took us a whole season. Jimmy last year experience A very bad year, torn torn early, reimbursement. “

“As a quartz, you must be more serious in the playoffs, because the playoffs is different from the regular season.” Before the team on Wednesday, 49 people summed up the performance of the 2019 season, players Sharing the memories of this year. The original 15-minute summary will be extended to 1 hour, everyone is still unfinished.

“As a team, we talk about a lot, I think we can’t forget this special season, this is very important.” General Manager Lin Qi said: “There are very few teams to win 4 wins from one season. The team turned into a 13-winning team, and in the playoffs, I trured the country. So I believe this team is different. I believe that we have the ability to continue to rush. Although we are very strong, I admit that the final life is very Disappointed. In my impression, Salunhan is the best coach this year. But we must face the results of the last game, we accept facts, put pressure and responsibilities, continue to advance, we will become more powerful.”