Suspected to abuse the child from the penalties will continue to meet with the Alliance Investigations

According to informed people to NFL TV network reporter Ian Libodport, Kansas City chiefs take over Taili Hill will meet with the Alliance Investigation Officer.

The local prosecutor’s office announced earlier this month to conduct a criminal investigation of Hill’s suspicion.

NFL President Roger Guder said that the alliance will make a decision on Hill after the end of the law enforcement department. Although the Prosecutor’s Office has decided not to trace it, Hill is still under investigation of Kansas government children and family sector.

NFL TV reporter Tom – Perrisir started a mini training camp in the chief report that Hill may be able to return to the team before the training camp on July 26. Perri Riro reported at the time: “Unless there is further development, there is reason to believe that Tarrick Hill will return to the chief before the start of the training camp.”

After the local media exposed Hill and fiancee, Hill was banned from participating in the team event since April 26. He is still likeliishing in the ban due to violation of the alliance individual behavior.