The 14th National Federation Football Project schedule is announced! Come into Baoji to watch the game

Tall call

Fourteen Federation

Football latest schedule message is coming!

The detailed game is also coming!

September 1st!

Women’s football U18 game started in Baoji!

Fast with Xiaobao is fast ~


Venue introduction

Baoji City Stadium

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Located on No. 2, Shigu Road, Baoji City, covers an area of ??about 157 mu, the building area is about 54,000 square meters, the outer area is about 68,000 square meters, the indoor area is about 27,000 square meters, the number of seats is about 28,000.

Baoji Vocational and Technical College Stadium

The Baoji Vocational and Technical College football field covers an area of ??18,000 square meters, and the number of people is around 4,000 people. The number of seats is 1,500. There are 400 meters of 8 plastic runways in the field, and the artificial turf soccer field. The football Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey field is located in the east side of the high-tech 13th road of Baoji High-tech Zone, close to the high-tech road.

Ticket price and ticket purchase entrance

The public can purchase the game tickets through the official ticket website and official WeChat applets of the 14th National Games, the national ticket sales of 100 official ticket sales outlets (the specific network information can be queried in the official ticket website and official WeChat applet).

Football is enjoyable

Don’t forget

There is a water ball!

Competing time

Water ball (men group)

September 9th – September 14th

Water ball (woman group)

September 17th – September 22nd

Project Introduction

water polo

Waterball projects are one of the earliest collective competitions in the history of the Olympic Games. Men’s Waterball Kits Football Kits was listed as a formal competition in the Paris Olympics in the 1900 Paris, and women’s water balls were listed as official competitions at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Water Ball started from the 1st Asian Games in 1951, it is a formal competition project.

Water ball competitions usually use a standard 50-meter swimming pool, a water depth of 2 meters, and markes the competition area with a water line. The men’s contest venue is 30 × 20 meters, and the women’s game venue is 25 × 20 meters.

Each team of waterbelings consists of 13 athletes, and the game is carried out between the two teams, and 7 people per team. During the competition, the players do not touch the pool or the bottom of the pool, keep swimming or step on the water. The competition is divided into 4, each actual Lionel messi Jerseygame time is 8 minutes.

Venue introduction

Baoji City Swimming Pavilion

? Located in the northwest corner of the new campus of Baoji Texture. It covers an area of ??about 35 acres, the construction area is 27450m2, which is composed of underground equipment, diving pool, swimming pool, auditorium, auxiliary room, etc., with 1800 seats.

are you ready?

Let’s come to Baoji to watch the game!

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