The first saints before the career, the first saints, the first Saint defend, will be called when the family takes over.

Not long ago, the defensive end Melon – Jordan signed a new contract with the saints. Now, he hopes that his teammates can get a fat.

US Time Monday, Jordan said in participating in the program that external hands Michael Thomas should become the highest payroll of the league.

“Give me money,” Jordan stressed, “No one can complete the same achievements as him in the first three years. He should get the highest salary. The total number of people in the top three years ago, the success rate of the ball will explain. everything.”

Jordan is not bad. Thomas broke the record of the number of balls in the first three years, completing 321 battles, promoted 3787 yards, reached 23 times. Last year, his success rate was 85% (125/147), and the alliance was the highest. He also completed 75 first-rate transformations, and the third of the league.

NFL NetWork Data Analyper pointed out that Thomas contributes the first attack in the case of a small difference, but also has a very large ball (without ball influence, there is no impact on the defensive side when there is no ball / pass. For example, the packaged, or dragged the opponent’s strongest defense guard).

At present, the highest salary takeover is Xiao Audel Beckham, and his annual salary is 18 million US dollars. Thomas hopes that our annual salary is more than 20 million US dollars.