The legendary three bases of the ride Beltre announced the retired career twice to lose the world contest.

In the last game of the MLB regular season in 2018, the 39-year-old veteran 39-year-old, Adrian-Beltre announced retirement, ending his 20-year career. More unfortunately, his last game was
ended in Seattle, and the team lost to his opponent. In his last season, the cavalry finally took 67 wins and 95, the bottom of the Melai West area may be that the future is not expected, and Beltere is finally disappointed. In the last game against the Sailor Team, he kicks out a place, and it is a little comfort.

In the game earlier this earlier, Beltere’s wife and 3 children came to the front row of the Sefako Stadium. This position is enough for him to interact with his family when he is on the base. Manufacturing happiness and playful style.

5 bureaus For Beltre, Beltre has played a five seasays for the sailors in 2005 to 2009. When Jerexon Properator walked on the three-stricken and Beltre, the whole team will hug forward, the first one hugs him is Propfar, he tells Bell True is very proud of it.

Beltere hugs in the final and his old friend sailor team

Beltere hugs in the final and his old friend sailor team

After the game, Beltre said herself: he was still a bit emptying when he was in the end, and he thanked all people who helped himself, but he didn’t want to cry on the court, because it feels a bit sad. This quasi-famous player intends to go to Los Angeles with his family on Sunday night and start vacation. He said: You intend to put it loose yourself first, and then you may go to your family with your family.

The 39-year-old veteran this season will still be the treasure knife, and a total of 117 security, 15 projectors play, 65 points. This state chooses to retire to make people feel a little sorry.

Beltere career originated in 1998, the entire career, he has been Dodge (19https://www.mlbboutique2.com98 ~ 2004), sailor (2005 ~ 2009), Red Sock (2010) 4 teams (2011 ~ 2018). At his entire career, he took 2932 games, 11066 shots. Ended career. In terms of honor, Beltre 4 times selected all-star (2010 ~ 2012, 2010) 5 times to get the Golden Glove Award, 4 Silver Cove Awards. Beltre’s career has not been won the World Competition, In 2011 and 2012 he entered the world contest, he gave the red ramp and giants, and he had to say this is a huge regret.

Beltere is known as a good defense, he is not a common three base hand style. Beltere, Beltre, to deal with its own style, can say that he is a special smart player, knowing that he is in the game, maybe because this career will be so long. There is no banquet in the world, although his baseball career is over, the road of life is still very long, hoping that he can continue to heat with the baseball in the future.