The National Working Group evacuated from Gansu: Risk is more controlled than estimated, and the situation is more optimistic than expected.

China Youth Daily-Party News (Zhong Youth Daily, Zhongqing Net reporter Guo Jian) ??September 18th, 3 gravizes in the second half of the 76th minutes to 80 minutes, fixed this National Final U20 final Final Result: Zhejiang team 2: 1 Lower Xinjiang team – After three consecutive resection of the finals, the young people in the U20-year-old age group finally won the head of the team in the history of the team.

National Football Male U20 final, Zhejiang 2: 1 Likin Cheap Soccer Jersey Xinjiang won the championship. Visual China for map

The new Xinjiang team who has also reached the new height of the team is the first time to enter the National Games final, they have eliminated the Hubei team in the semi-final, and the Xinjiang fans boil. According to the reporter, the U20 football team was sent to the Xinjiang National Games, and after the result of the finals, the head coach Parhai said that “Xinjiang football has achieved victory”, “such a result is enough fans who are proud”, “The team also hopes to be able to advance.”

The foundation of Xinjiang football is much firm than before: In addition to their own team, Soccer Jersey Discount the 8th National Games 8 strong team has Xinjiang players. Taking the bronze medal battle as an example, the Sichuan team started 2 Xinjiang players, Hubei team There are also 1 Xinjiang player. Liu Tao, Xinjiang U20 team leader, said: “In recent years, Xinjiang football is very fast, the mass foundation is very good, the teenagers like this movement, although the effect of professional football is very affected by economic factors, but Everyone’s heart, strongly hopes that Xinjiang football will take a new step. “

The Xinjiang Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseyteam fierce in the rain. Visual China for map

According to the number provided by the person in charge of the resident, there are a total of 4065 fans to purchase tickets to witness Zhejiang first crown and Xinjiang’s first finals – under the strict requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, this is already a great number, but On the chairpers, the director of the State Sports General Administration, the Secretary-General of the Subcommittee, the Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association, the Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Football Association, and Sun Jihai, the Director of the Qing Jianhai, etc. More plump.

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Zhejiang team’s fans are huge. Visual China for map

At this time, the four football projects of this year have produced 3 championships: women’s footstel U18 final Shanghai won the championship, men’s foot U18 final host Shaanxi team won the ball, after the Zhejiang team got the U20 final gold medal, the only suspense, only women’s foothold Adult group event.

Source: China Youth Daily

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